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2. This is for naming and shaming officials involved in child protection cases, such as social workers, judges and cafcass officers, so please do not use this page to slander ex partners etc.

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If you are a social worker, judge or official and your name appears on this page, maybe it will encourage you to change your deceitful ways and to start doing your job properly.

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  • smart person from England says:

    Another child needlessly adopted by the state on the basis of emotional abuse. What a farce. A judge made placement and care orders on baby O at the Sheffield Family Court today between 10:30am and 11:20am in the judgement in A and A v BBMC. baby O who is 6 months old born in January this year. What did I do so wrong, I was raised poorly. Enough to make your blood boil.

    Cafcass Ruth Fern is corrupt, she makes up events and stutters because she is so nervous.

    Social Worker Adele Wragg who currently works for Barnsley BBMC is very corrupt, gave false statements on the stand, got caught out lying on numerous occasions.

    Dr David Ian Briggs is corrupt and do not trust him, i have recordings of him stating one thing and then he goes and writes another. He pays lip service to the courts for repeat business and his only line of work is supplying the courts with his expert opinion.

    Family support workers at Barnsley are corrupt they will make any rubbish up on you fabricate events, we have a recording where an fsw states that she would write anything a social worker told her too even if it was a lie.

    I make these postings in line with judgments made by Sir James Munby in the High Court.

    If any person named above does not like it I would refer then to the appropriate judgments as their names will not be remove.

    Within hours of leaving court a email was received offering a final goodbye contact. This is how disgusting the system is.

    The worst thing is they take your child, and once they have him/her they leave you to get on with it. No support what so ever.

    Just thank you for your child that we are going to sell for profit, no fuck off.

    Well they will not be making a profit from my child. I will appeal and appeal. by the time i have made money they will of made a loss. Why am i so determined? Because im a father who has done nothing wrong.

  • I have a Group that will be starting up again in Yeovil, Somerset. It is UNITED P.A.S.S (PARENTS AGAINST SOCIAL SERVICES). We are hoping for Groups all over The Country and My Group is in The Yeovil, Somerset area. UNITING PARENTS.
    I am hoping to start My Group back up in July and details will be on Facebook and and I welcome many new Parents to join me and support each other and stand together, as we all unite within our Groups and all over The Country UK.
    Lets all together make those changes needed for our future and our Children and their Children and fight now in 2014-2015.
    Melanie Humphries, YEOVIL, SOMERSET, UK. 07743763018

  • Melanie says:

    Parents for adoption are needed and yet if they only adopted Children who really needed adopting in the first place and really needed a new life, then we would have enough Parents needed. Yet it has become a clear money making business at around £27,000 per adoption! Also so many Foster Carers needed by The Foster and Adoption Agencies. More and more money being paid, as within My Case The Agency were paid £975.00 and The Foster Carer over £400.00 Weekly! They are encouraging more Foster Carers, by paying such a good wage, as they need so many for this money making business. We don’t need so many Parents for adoption or Foster Carers if we didn’t have a Corrupt Care System and Corrupt Care Proceeding within Courts. The Social Worker is no different from The Estate Agent over here in The UK and that’s get as many Kids adopted as possible and a pat on the back from The Boss. It’s not at all a Child Care System, but just a money making System and anyone who walks into their trap and does ask for help thinking that they care about Kids will realise that once a Case has started it is just all about money and them making a good living. We need to all forget Children’s Services and all think money making business and that way we won’t walk into their trap £££.

  • JACKIE CAUGHEY from Plymouth social services.She lies and says she will remove your children if you dont kiss the old maids backside.These types of SS dont have lives,hearts or souls,most dont have children of their own, they are out of touch!!
    .If you dont bow down to JACKIE CAUGHEY then she says you are mentally ill!!
    Never trust these wicked creatures ever!!

  • Anonymous says:

    I would like to ask who gives the social workers the right to do what they like and you can not do anything about it, even when a doctor tell you your child has to stay on this medication in order to help him they take him away and he is not allowed to get his medication, they say he is doing fine without it, then why do we take our kids to a doctor if the social works say they don’t need it. were do we stand in this.

  • Anonymous says:

    I ask, if a social worker is put there to help your family and to help get any troubles sorted out, then why do they make life very hard for you and always say that you are not complying to there demands or following any advice they give you, if any, and they send in other people to watch you on how you look after your kids and they put in a very good report about you, then why do the social workers still say you are not complying and make more demands of you. the more you do the more they want you to do and you still get no were with them. they say you are not playing with your kids they are left to do it themselves even though that is all rubbish, I have always looked after my kids till they got involved and made thing worse, by saying I don’t do this and I don’t do that witch is all lies and yet they get away with this, its just not right, what can I do to get my kids back and show them up as to the lies they tell.

    • melanie says:

      All we ever ask for was some help in the beginning, as I suffered Mental Health Problems and was put on far too much Medication and so My Son’s Dad was the main carer of our Child. Our Son had some Problems and as loving Parents we were both concerned, but I was most concerned due to my worry over My Son.

      We went to The Doctor, The Hospital, but in the end it was me who ask Social Services for help.

      We ended up breaking up our relationship, as Social services said we were better not being together and so I moved out, but as I had Mental Health Problems I couldn’t take My Son and so then his Dad had to do everything.

      I was having Contact with My Son and still trying to get him help and taking him to The Doctor and working with The School and all I was doing was still asking for help, as nothing was being done for him or sorted out and it was going on and on.

      In the end I went back to his Dad to be with My son more again and try and help him and the only way I could do this was by stopping The Medication (anti-psychotic), as that made me sleep all the time and I couldn’t cope so tired.

      So I stopped The Medication and went back with his Dad and was helping look after our Son again and still trying to get him help for his problems.

      Within 2 Month’s he was taken into Care, which was first just 2 Weeks Respite Care and then he was moved on after that with a Adoption and Fostering Agent.

      Reasons were Mother stopping her Medication and Father who wouldn’t work with Professional and emotional harm.

      I went on to prove I never even needed anti-psychotic Medication in the first place and I had been treated for the wrong diagnosis and yet they had to use Corruption to try and cover that up within The Case and his Dad was blamed for our Son’s toileting problems, as he had been the main carer and so they blamed it all on Parenting. It was a Medical Problem and never anything to do with Parenting.

      What they all did to me over My mental Health was terrible, but to think they mess with a child’s Health is even worst and they let this go on all that time and let My Son suffer, just because they wanted to make out it was all Parenting.

      You can’t trust them with Parents Health or Children’s Health and they lie and get everyone within The Case to go along with it all and it is the hardest fight ever.

      Also I ended up in debt and I dropped My Professional Loser, Solicitor before the end of The Case and that was the best thing I did and I ended up running My own Case and got My Son back with a Family Member and now at last he is getting Treatment!!!

      Never as Social Services for help, as everything will get so much worst and out of control and they will take them into Care.

      Look up John Hemming, Justice for Families and Ian Josephs, Punishment without Crime.

      Don’t be taking in as I was first of all for Months on end and wasting so much time and get all the facts now from the start and fight all the way for truth.

      • melanie says:

        I went on to find out My Mental Health Problem was O.C.D and it was always O.C.D and with that you worry a lot and so yes I would worry about The Son I loved so much and want to get him all the help possible.

        Yet I wasn’t being treated or giving help at that time for O.C.D, but instead treated for The wrong Diagnosis with anti-psychotic Medication, which made me tired, unable to cope and were making me feel much worst in Myself.

        Had I been given the correct treatment and support at this time, then I may have never ask Social Services for help. Also if we got the correct support and advice for our Son, then maybe yet again we wouldn’t have ever ask for help.

        Yet you then ask Social Services for help and all these Professional who have made a complete mess of your life for Year’s all just want to cover-up and act Corrupt and just care about themselves and not a dame about your Child.

        I am pleased that in the end I found Myself a genuine Doctor who told me everything in 2012. I had to pay, but he was genuine.

        Before that I went with Dr. Humphries in Harley Street, but I told them and they contacted him and so I wasted £700.00, as he wouldn’t ever give me a refund, so next time I go and get another Doctor and this time don’t tell who it is, but just tell all I had found out within My sessions.

        I found out such a lot about My Mental Health and everything in 2012.

        It’s not about asking for help, but more about getting the CORRECT help and advice in life that really counts and learning from that!!

      • Melanie says:

        Also don’t run your Partner down and do what is best together for Your Child.

        I did wake up in April 2012 on that as My Solicitor at the time, Deborah Cahill, Porter Dobson said to me at their Office, well she said you were never the main Carer for Your son, as you were down as having Mental Health Problems and the only thing keeping your Son was his Dad and then once you started saying things about his Dad, then you lost Your Son. She had this smile on her face and it was said in a sick sort of way and that hit me hard and then I did realise what they had all been trying to do within My Case.

        I did realise My own mistakes and My Son was suffering and far worst in Care and I had ask for help and did trust and believe in everyone and did believe I was doing the right thing at that time for My Son and yet here he was tormented and abused by a Corrupt Care System and I was being used to run his Dad down who My Son did love along with me and all really we ever needed was CORRECT help and support from the start and we would have never ended up falling out and in such a mess.

        At the end of the day, you have to get over your relationship and fight for Your Child.

        So hope Parents can fight together from the start and stay together, but if not don’t run each other down and work together and just think of Your Children and getting them out The Corrupt System.

        Don’t be used to help adopt Your Child and make them suffer and wake up, as I did just in time.

        • Melanie says:

          In all The Paperwork it does say how I work well with Professional and am honest and that his Dad didn’t work with Professional and that was wrong. I did believe this also Myself all My life until I found Myself and My lovely Son in this terrible mess and so I had to realise in the end that I wasn’t right and I didn’t do the right thing in asking for help and trusting the way I always did and letting Social Services in our lives.

          The Mental Health System and The Care System together were a Professional Mess and it’s a life changing experience for me and so wake and come to your senses and hold Your Children close and don’t ask for help!

          • Melanie says:

            Only at the end of The Paperwork does it say I don’t work well with Professional and that is because I woke up to Corruption and changed within My Case in 2012.

            I did realise that working so well with Professional and being so nice and honest and going along with everything they wanted and not fighting them was leading to My Son being adopted within Corruption,

            So I was wrong trusting and working along with so called Professional all My life and I was wrong having respect for so called Professional and I was wrong for asking Social Services for help and to believe that they did anything to help Children.

            I learn the hard way and I hope many Parents will wait up long before I did within My Case.

      • Robert. says:

        Hi, I would like to say well done Melanie, for we have the same problem with our son, the social workers have taken our son away because he has a toileting problem, and they asked us, do you think you want your kids back, and it was the way she said it that got us, as if we did not care about our kids. they also have my wife and I at each others throats over it all and yet we work as a team when it comes to our kids but they say we do not bother with them. we would like to ask you any idea on how we go about campaigning to the government on getting the law changed, so that the kids can not get taken away on falsified evidence or flimsy excuses. Is there a internet site for this if not can we start one up, we would appreciate any input you or anyone else can give us. thank you for any advice given.

        • Melanie says:

          Robert, thank you for comment and I hope you have been finding out as much information as possible. I really hate other Parents and Children having to suffer in such a terrible way and what I know for sure is going on within our Corrupt Child Care System and our Country. Please email me direct at anytime:

          • Melanie says:

            Phone/text: 07743763018. I also have a Group on Also on Facebook. Melanie Humphries.

          • admin says:

            Hi Melanie and Robert, I have just made another site for Amy Lillian Johnstone which you might find useful information from. She is encouraging parents to set up local groups throughout the UK and I’m sure she would be delighted to hear from you both. It is

  • Anonymous says:

    I name and shame Janice Contreras and Jill Bruce, and this is my story. these social workers have taken my kids away and said that my husband and myself are not looking after our 4 kids properly because our oldest son has a toiletry problem and development delay. Initially we went to the doctor’s with the toiletry problem and they did not link his toiletry problem with his development problem. we then went to the doctors and expressed our concerns that our son might have Asperger’s syndrome, After two years of no progress of having our son diagnosed properly we called in the social workers to help us speed this matter up. The social workers made the matter worse by ignoring our concerns about the Asperger’s syndrome. One of the doctors had told them that our son had chronic constipation and they did not go beyond this diagnosis, the social workers then blamed us for poor parenting skills they then started to make conditions that we had to meet. We complied with them, as we met them more conditions were made (some in our view were unreasonable).

    the social workers then sent official observers to observe the family life at the family home, one of the things they had to observe was bathing the children and putting to bed (in our view this bordered on paedophilia). The visits were compulsory and we had to comply with them. Our oldest two were already at school and nursery attached to the school and our youngest two children were put to a nursery called Colonsay child and family centre on the other side of town. Even so the social work were continuously calling for children panel meetings saying that we were not complying to the conditions painting it as black as possible for us. (In our view with the intention of giving them the excuse to take the children away). After much posturing and pressure they finally got the excuse and took the children into temporary foster care on a pretext. we now suspect that they will now try to make the temporary foster care permanent, and we are frightened that the children will disappear into the system and that we will never see them again.

    • Kevin says:

      My Son had a toileting Problem, which in fact got really bad after being in Care a couple of Month’s and yet they went on blaming me within The Case that in the end went on for 2 Years.

      I had the toileting problem under control, but The Foster Carer just let it get out of control and didn’t take My son to see The Doctor for days until his whole tummy did swell so bad and after that his problem was really bad and yet they went on blaming My Parenting.

      My Son after fighting so hard is now living with a Family Member and My Son is now having treatment and it’s turns out it was a Medical problem and I was doing the correct thing in the first place before he ever went into Care and it wasn’t ever anything to do with Parents.

      They even got Dr. Fernando at Yeovil, Hospital to say it was all emotional in person with The Social Worker, Nicola Salvin, Yeovil, Somerset, but then afterwards we ask for it in writing from him in his report and he took it back and said he never said what he did and so wouldn’t write it in his report.

      Due to this The First Final Hearing had to be cancelled, as The social Worker could put her report in and had to have extra time to write it again and so that was the start of beginning to realise what was going on and stopping our Son from getting adopted in Corruption.

      They use birth-defect, medical problems, genes and anything to adopt a Child and blame it all on Parenting and they still all do this when they know the truth and so please can so good, trusted advise from the start and fight from the beginning and find out all you can now.

      It is best to find out as much as possible and know what goes on now.

      • Kevin says:

        I Name & Shame Cath Davies, Director of Fostering, Enhanced Foster Care Ltd, Warminster, BA12 8BT.

        I wrote a letter of complaint about The Foster Carer and all that went on within this Case and got a letter back in November 2013, saying had been referred and I would be contacted, yet to this date I have heard nothing!

        Yet they were getting £975.00 Per Week for My Son for over a Year within Fostering Care.

        • Melanie says:

          Why does a Fostering and Adoption Agents get £975.00 Weekly for a Child in Foster Care and £27,000 for Adoption of a Child. MY SON WAS NEVER FOR SALE!!!

      • JO says:

        Same here! My son had chronic constipation, toileting problems, behavioral problems, global developmental delay. They blamed it on my parenting. We moved abroad after things started getting worse, so don’t know what would have happened if we would have stayed in the UK. My son has been since diagnosed with ADHD and possibly Aspergers. Glad we no longer live in the UK!

        • Melanie says:

          Jo, yes its all very true what is going on in the Uk and that’s taking Kids in and finding out the truth, but still going on blaming the Parents and very often it is all birth-defects and medical problems and genes and many other things. It is terrible what is going on. My Son was the same in Care and the same with family member and he would have been the same if adopted!! Many Parents are losing Children for nothing and without getting the correct help and support in the first place and yet we now have a Country where asking for help alone can lead to adoption!! The Corrupt Care Proceeding and once started its almost impossible to stop and get our Children back or with a family member.

    • melanie says:

      If they have told you to get a solicitor, then please be careful and don’t have a Legal Aid Professional Losers and instead get some good advise and really look into Solicitors.

      Never, ever have any Solicitor that LA want you to have.

      • melanie says:

        My Son would have been adopted if I had stayed with My Legal Aid, Family Law, PROFESSIONAL LOSER Solicitor.

        I ran My own Case, while My Sons Dad still had his PROFESSIONAL LOSER, Solicitor and it was only by me running My own Case that we stopped adoption and got our Son back within The Family.

    • melanie says:

      I find the concern here is again Parents that did care and worry about their Child and went to The Doctor and contacted Social Services, just as I did will worry about My Son and thinking I was doing the right thing in asking for help.

      I now hear of so many Parents who take their Child to Hospital or The Doctor and work with The School over any problems and contact Social Services out of concern and ask for help, only to end up suffering in this way and never getting any help.

      Yet The Parents that don’t care and worry at all and wouldn’t even go to The Doctor or put themselves out and do all possible for their Child or ever ask Social Services for help can go on to really abuse their Kids and even kill them.

      I can see a many wrong Parents tormented within these Cases for loving their Children and so many adoptions done in Corruption.


      That would have been the best advise anyone could have given me back before My own Case!!

      • melanie says:

        Also I wish before My Case I had be told about “Twin Tracked”.

        A Plan of adoption that is suppose to work alongside other Plans within these Cases and if you don’t know anything about it, then they don’t tell you until near the end when it’s almost too late.

        Then it doesn’t does work alongside as a Plan, but in fact becomes the only Plan and The Social Worker is writing it down as the opinion she wants and off to adoption panel.

        When you have as a Mother done nothing at all to your Child and love them so much and did worry and ask for help from Social Services you never even think about adoption, as you believe a Parent has to do something bad or very wrong in adoption Cases.

        Wrong, as with “Twin Track”, they adopt on emotion harm or possible risk of future emotional harm. So The Social Worker can blame everything on Parental and they can all write reports on what could happen in the future and get a Child adopted when Parents in fact have not done anything to their Child and just needed some CORRECT help and support in the first place.


  • Amy Lillian Johnson says:

    I name & shame JULIE STEVENS SOMERSET SOCIAL SERVICES she went against another local Authority that had said my son was happy, well cared for & they had no concerns when my adult daughter was looking after him in Bournemouth until I recovered from my accident! yet she jumped in & while i was layed up not speaking properly from a serious head injury plus, black & blue & drugged up on morphine only a couple of days after i came out of hospital, she lied to get an ICO & steal my son from his loving adult sister where he was happy going to the beach, walking the dogs with his grandmother & seeing his cousins again Bournemouth ended their report they had NO CONCERNS yet she took my son drove him all the way to strangers in somerset, where i had to read in the report that on arrival he was greatly distressed, scared & crying begging to speak to his mummy, which was cruelly denied! This is emotional harm caused by somerset SS mainly JULIE STEVENS.. she Lied in order to obtain an ICO by saying i had thrown myself off a cliff in a suicide attempt.. later when it was proved by 3rd party evidence that i had actually genuinely had an accident by dropping my phone & lost my balance picking it up, many accidents & deaths have naturally occurred up on the gorge, also i was on the phone to a friend for 45 mins & we were meeting up, then she crossed out the suicide attempt & put incident, yet strangely it was changed back for the final hearing! Also shockingly Julie Stevens was a greedy fat pig after promotion, not thinking of what was best for my son. She got a promotion few weeks later & i called Glastonbury SS office & was told there were NO social workers in the office as they were all out celebrating fat bitches promotion, surely this should have been done out of office hours! oh & she goes around saying ” you CAN TRUST ME AS I AM very upfront & will always tell you the truth” LIAR JULIE STEVENS. SEE YOU IN CRIMINAL COURT WITH PRIVATE PROSECUTION AGAINST YOU & PRISON IS WHERE YOU BELONG! & THAT RUNT OF THE LITTER ANNA MIALL THAT JUST COPIED & PASTED EVERYTHING JULIE SAID, SHE IS A SCRUFFY MAGGOT MOUTH. OMG SHE DID NOT EVEN HAVE THE RESPECT TO SHOW UP IN THE RCJ DRESSED FOR COURT, SHE WORE A SCRUFFY MOTH EATING CARDIGAN.. TAKE A LOOK AT THESE MUPPET’S THEY EMPLOY, ITS A JOKE! SOMERSET SOCIAL SERVICES IS A TRAIN WRECK!

    • Melanie says:

      All they do is emotional damage to our Children and kick us as Parents when we are down and have just been getting away with it all.

      Well it’s all really coming to light now!!!

      Corruption, lies, mistakes, cover-up’s and forced adoptions.

      The Corrupt Care System is discussing!!!

      • Melanie says:

        The Corrupt Care System is a real danger to Children of loving Parents and they have been picking on the wrong ones in life instead of ever helping and the real Child abusers don’t get taking in and so we all suffer instead!!!

        The whole System is a joke, a mess and so discussing, but worst of all such a torment with forced adoption and danger to our Kids we love so much.

  • mj says:

    B.M.B.C ~ Cudworth Social Services Julie Woodcock, Roz Cross. littleworth grange primary academy school Lundwood~ Head teacher~ Mrs Parker~Watts All lie on the stand just to get wat they want, to meet targets & make money out of innocent kids.

  • warren says:

    It’s a comfort to know that parents like you are fighting for justice. I was abused whilst in the care of ss. Children need to be protected from those sadistic b******* and their idea of safeguarding. My case was handled by Edgbaston area office as a child. Im now a adult and have had the ss assess me in regards to my children. Emotional. abuse they claimed. The social worker Dona Lorde was working for the Birmingham ss. I complained and was told she had left the service. So therefore could not be questioned as to why she was lying. I checked the HCPC and it has her as registered at Smethwick. Beware of this woman. What’s worrying is that I have checked social workers names from over 20 years ago and they are still employed there. No wonder its failing.

  • kim says:

    lewishamJENNIEFER BELL JULIE JENKENS social services have been allowed to put in false statment in court and when proved lies just pull them out and nothing is said or done to them .they commet fraud and get away with it they are late outting reports into court ant get away with it in fact all they do is lie twist the truth and i know believe that social workers are above the law you stand no chance in family courts as no one listerns they take social workers words as gossple and i name TAFAWA NTUNE …JENNIFER BELL JULIE JENKENS AS LIARS ….i would also like to say that its not worth complaining cos its their own workmates who look into it and they cover up for each otherall the time you cannot win because of these people my daughter will lose who baby to forced adoption and i have just found out that social workers get bonuses for every baby they adopt its like baby selling markets hope they all rot in hell

  • New Rambo. says:

    Oh well we have sent one of Launceston’s finest to You! (From The UK)
    Detective SGT Glenn Alvsaker has been Sacked for Misconduct in a Public Office.
    Corruption and Making False Allegations.
    He has decided to settle in Australia where He’ll no doubt become a Policeman and make up some Moore Lies to TRY and Cover “It’s” Tracks!
    This was facilitated through Freemasonry!
    I first met Him in 1992 when He was a PC. He TRIED to Rugby Tackle Me and Missed.
    Banged His Nose on the Pavement. Said that I had Punched Him!
    Moved here and I thought the Police were getting rid of their rubbish but this Cnut had been promoted to Detective Sgt and given a Nice little Post in the Countryside.
    I rang the Local Police station one Day, about a Complaint I was making, and He answered the Phone! After I had been residing here for approx. 12 Months or Moore.
    All the Time I have been being Bullied and Persecuted here, for over 3 Years!
    Now I know why! I told one of His Colleagues another SGT Norlund who seems a Bit better!
    I got internal Affairs in and some Anti Corruption Teams. I have had HMP’s The Verne and Dorchester in Dorset Closed for Corruption and Bullying Inmates and this Glenn Alvsaker has been sent to Fraggle Rock! Well, Australia Sorry!
    He was only parked outside just before Christmas. And the Rest Of Yous Police who are SCUM are getting it NEXT! You are Public Servants and shall do as We Dictate!
    I want All Freemasons on a Register! I have the backing of Labour M.P’s and unless I get 10 Million to become less Vocal The Dirty Piggies are ALL going onto My New Register right alongside the Perverts that Half of them are

  • I name and Shame corrupt Social Worker JACKIE from Plymouth SS / manager JANE BAINES.
    If you do not agree with JACKIES assumptions and lies, then the OLD MAID states that you must have a mental disorder,that she will get legal advice and get you to have a mental health assessment!!

    She needs one for DELUSION <<—–


    • Anon says:

      Helen tune,
      Another not nice person
      Social worker for Devon
      Makes false alegations and false suggestions
      And wants to make up her own story.
      Scares children aswell!

  • “Let The Light Shine”

    I have now put it on and will arrange a get together in Yeovil, Somerset.

  • bewitched says:

    Those professional individuals involved in my family case made many mistakes. Not so cclever after all. Common sense did not prevail as not one of you covered their tracks. Maybe no one suspected that albeit the dept has destroyed my life by taking whats more precious to me than life itself, did it never occur to you ELAINE MCK (whitletts area centre) that the more my heart was ripped out the more i was determined to stand my ground and dig my heels in, and challenge each of you liars on a daily basis. You started the ball rolling and had the side kick Barbara C do the rest. You sanctioned all those allegations that are false and have been proven to be fictious. Where are you?Why leave as soon?on the sick i hear, your predessesor didnt last long, poor barbara left to deal with the after math. So many lives destroyed by a female who clearly is inferior to those you targeted. Thankfully my mothering instinct and decent rearing had you reeling at the mere thought of being defeated by a single parent frm a deprived area. Never judge a book Elaine. As your text book renound for being SS Bible never prepared you and those lambs beneath you. The mighty do fall, justice will be my babies and mine. You are surpluss to requirement as is your drift wood colleagues.

  • Melanie says:

    I am looking to form a Group who have been involved within The Child Care System.

    I have found someone who can provide a Private Meeting Venue and Refreshments within The Yeovil, Somerset area.

    Please contact me if interested:

  • a concered father says:

    I would like to name and shame Carol Sharp representing Sheffield City Council as an Agency Social Worker.

    She is based at Floor 2 Sorby House, 42 Spital Hill, Sheffield, S4 7LG

    This woman is the worst of the worst, she lies, she does not fully complete assessments. She thinks she can just turn up and take your children, Scum of the earth………

  • Melanie says:

    i name & shame everyone within My Case and feel that if i can work out just how Corrupt My whole Case was and i have so called got learning problems and low I.Q, then i really wonder what clever people make out of such Cases, as the way they act is very Stupid.

    i really would like all The Cases looked into that these so called Professional were involved in, as much now doubt that all these Children ever needed adopting in the first place and i can only make that judgement on My own experience.

    i hope they realise that in 2014 more will know who they are now and not get taken in as i first did and nothing will be the same and that has to be for the better and IN THE BEST INTEREST OF THE CHILDREN!!!

    • Melanie says:

      I also really need to work out in 2014 who should pay me back The £10,000 this Corrupt Case ended up costing me over The 2 Year’s and who I should give this bill too, as I am not going on paying interest and being in debt for their Mistakes, Mess and Corruption and Cover-up’s.

      So I am wondering who this should be down too and it’s either:

      1. Child Social Services

      2. Summerlands Hospital (N.H.S)

      3. Solicitors, Rebecca Marshall, Porter Dobson

      4. The Government

      Maybe I should hold a vote on it!!!

    • bewitched says:

      Melanie. Its common knowledge that the SS tend to berate the vulnerable less fortunate people in our society. Learning difficulties never prevented you from standing your ground and being heard. Their initial perception of me was a single parent in a deprived area almost likely to be uneducated. The education i have is what the real world presents, i have been brought up to make my opinions count, as i was growing up i was always told that professional ppl and those in authority get it wrong as any other person does. I didnt ever disrespect SS but i challenged the lies and deceit the dolled out freely. Never will i disrespect myself by giving into the pressure they place on me. Being a mother is instinctive for me, nothing i ever learned about children came from a txt book. As for you i am proud of you. Again thyey got it oh so wrong Good for you.

      • Melanie says:

        Thank’s for you comment. Yes they got it so wrong and many other Cases as well, but never can they say a mistake has been made and never will they try and put things right as early as possible!

        Many have said to My Family Member who has My Son and have said to me also what a mess of a Case and why didn’t My Son go with this Family Member he is so happy with at The start of The Case or as soon as possible after The Case started.

        Family Member has had this said over and over again and even someone working at his School has said this to her.

        Yet they make the mess and mistakes and then do all possible to cover-up in corruption and still want to go ahead and adopt a Child when they know Family has been put forward and they know mistakes have been made. Truth is none of them care at all once in a Case and the longer it goes on, then the more determined they are in getting adoption!!

        I put Family Member forward to The Social Worker in November 2011 and The Social Worker told me Cousin’s didn’t count and I believed her word at that time and it wasted Month’s and yet I said this in Court at The Final Hearing to Judge Bromilow, as he had the nerve to say The Case had gone on such along time and so I said that I put Family Member forward way back in November 2011.

        The Judge didn’t answer me and so if we are going to get a Judge who will cover for a Social Worker and cover for all the mistakes, lies and Corruption that went on within a Case and then put a Gagging Order on The Mother instead, then I’m afraid it’s a very hard job for any Parent.

        We need Open Court’s and answers need to be given within all this mistakes and a decent judge should question The Social Worker and not Cover for them and use Corruption in doing so.

        We need to stand, as they just want to put all their Professional mistakes on us as Parent’s and they just want to adopt every Child and they are not doing what is in The Best Interest Of The Child at all and it’s just a terrible Corrupt System.

        Family should all be involved from the start and The Social Worker try first before adoption, but they don’t try at all and then even lie and don’t put Family forward and so as Parent’s we need to get Family involved from the start and make sure they all know what is going on, as we can’t trust The Social Worker or any Professional to get it right or even try to get it right, as all they want is adoption!!

        Parent’s and Children are just paying for their mess and i’m not having a Gagging Order in Corruption and done just to Cover-up such a carry on with Stupid Professional who made My Son and me suffer for their mistakes and wasted thousands of pound’s doing nothing any good at all for My Child.

        Professional get it wrong, but the worst thing is they won’t answer to that and end up getting many more involved and that’s where a Corrupt System and Closed Court’s Lead and such a mess.

        • Melanie says:

          Also I would like to add that we were told Money was running out and no more could be spend on The Case within Court in September 2012, but when they want to go on longer and get another so called Expert and use Corruption, then Money and Funding it now available.

          I did realise within My Case that they use Money/Funding not available when it did suit them, but for their own mistakes, lies, cover-up’s and corruption money was being spend like water within Court and The Case when they wanted could go on and on and the only realise it went on and on in the end was just to try and Cover-up.

          I dropped My Professional Legal Aid Losers in June 2012 due to all this, as what is the point in thousand’s wasted on a Solicitor who is really working for the other side and giving you wrong advise and losing your Child.

          My Concern is why so much Money was available for Corruption and Cover-up’s and I name & shame whoever let’s that go ahead.

          It is Solicitors like this within My Case that make it hard for any genuine Solicitor in these Cases, as they have wasted so much money and been milking The Corrupt System only for other Solicitors now needing to Cut back.

          If David Cameron wants to make Cuts, then we may as well just all do without these Family Law Professional Losers that are just taking Tax Payers Money and playing silly games with Parents and really working with L.A and losing Kids, as what is the point!!!

          I am talking about Family Law Solicitors that know they do this and like the ones within My Case and not Criminal Law Solicitors within open Courts, as they do put up a fight, but The Solicitors we had in The Care Proceeding don’t fight at all and worked together to cover their mistakes and worked together in Corruption and will be Professional Losers and we would have been far better off without them and so what a complete waste of Money in our Country!!!

          We have no Money and The Country is in a Mess, but My Case had proved that Money and Funding is available to use in Corruption and Cover-up’s when they within The Case decide.

          The Case when on 2 Year’s due to their Mess, mistakes, lies and corruption and i’m not having Judge Bromilow trying to put that on me, as I was always just trying to do what was really in My Child’s best interest!!

  • Melanie says:

    DEBORAH CAHILL, solicitor, Porter Dodson, Yeovil, somerset who just for a short time worked within The Yeovil Office on My Case and made so many mistakes.

    i name & shame Deborah Cahill for having to do My First Statement 4 times with her due to for some reason her keep making so many mistake on it.

    Also that Letter she send to Dr. Mann before My appointment in April 2012 and him showing me this letter and then me being told by Recebba Marshall, Solicitor that it was just another mistake.

    Then your saying you had not put forward Dr. Lillywhite’s Second Report to Dr. Mann, as you did think Recebba Marshall had already done it, but then you got a phone call from Dr. Mann’s Secretary the minute i had gone that day and so you then faxed it over to him.

    Then Deborah Cahill you are telling me that it was never going to be what Dr. Lillywhite wrote in his First Report anyway within a Conversation with you in April 2012.

    So what with Rebecca Marshall not giving Dr. Lillywhite My Medical Notes for Months and not contacting Dr. Mann for over a year and then you Deborah cahill coming in and making even more of a Mess and then Dr. Mann waving Deborah Cahill Letter in front of My face thinking it was all so funny that day, well it does look like all at Porter Dodson do really need trainning again in Family Law!!!

    Also none of you should have ever got paid for such a daft farce of a Case!!!

  • Melanie says:

    Judge bromilow Country Court, Taunton i name & Shame your actions and Corrupt ways and i would like to have a jury look into all The Adoptions you have ordered since “Twin Tracked” first started within these Cases.

    i very much doubt from My experience now being in front of you that many of them really needed adopting and that really concerns me and that’s why i will fight on for changes and justice within The Care System and Judges with Standards who won’t just go along with Social Services and any Orders they ask for in The Future!!

    it was a experience being in front of you and one hard to believe of our justice system here in Britain!!!

    May 2014 bring many changes.

    • Melanie says:

      I REST MY CASE!!!

    • Amy Lillian Johnson says:

      HRJ BromilowI am in complete agreement with you HHJ Bromilow should be struck off! I have had the unfortunate experience of this evil incompetent & dare i say corrupt man! This Judge has ruined so many lives of both children & families ( How does he bloody sleep at night?) He is NOT an honorable man, he has not an ounce of integrity! & has abused his power as a judge! I do believe the tides are turning & he may have just become too over confident in thinking he is so protected! Please get in touch with me as we have several parents & the numbers are growing that want to recluse this man & If we all put in a complaint of this evil twisted man, we may just get somewhere as he is dangerous, he even now has blood on his hands for a case he took & the little boy died in care! He is pure evil & needs to struck off from ever being a judge again & all his cases re-opened!

      • Melanie says:


        I have also put him on Parliament should remove certain Judges says John Hemming.

        I have found out a lot about Judge Bromilow and I now understand why My Case went before him in the end, as they wanted someone to be so Corrupt and get them all out of a Mess of which I had worked out and use his Power in doing so and then even put a Gagging Order on me in trying to Cover-up Corruption.

        I know 100% that Judge Bromilow is Corrupt and I had a independent witness who said the same and couldn’t believe such a carry on within a Court Case and Judge.

        I have spoken to others and I will also contact you, as this Judge is a great danger to both Parents and Children and his Corrupt ways and abuse of Power is so discussing and as you say he should be struck off!!

        • Amy Lillian Johnson says:

          Richard fucking Bromilow is also director of Youth Association Limited & he brought his house for £810,000 in Nov 2012… apart from the obvious also living there are Alison N Bromilow, Nicolas E Bromilow, but who are these others living in the same house? Charles E Sutton Helen M Sutton, Ruth M Sutton & Cynthia J LLyod? perhaps mason friends????? anyone know of these names?

      • Alan says:

        Munby slates “sloppy practice” in adoption

        President of Family Division concerned about recurrent inadequacy of analysis & reasoning put forward in support of the case for adoption

        The President of the Family Division has voiced concern about the “recurrent inadequacy” of reasoning by social services and family judges in adoption cases where the birth parents do not consent.

        Dismissing the mother’s appeal in Re B-S (Children) [2013] EWCA Civ 1146, Sir James Munby said: “We have real concerns, shared by other judges, about the recurrent inadequacy of the analysis and reasoning put forward in support of the case for adoption, both in the materials put before the court by local authorities and guardians and also in too many judgments.

        “This is nothing new. But it is time to call a halt.”

      • Melanie says:

        Looking at this picture of Judge Bromilow and all I can think about is that he should have been dressed at a CLOWN at My Final Hearing in March 2013, as he just conducted a Farce within that Hearing and has no respect at all for Law and Order and deserves no respect in return.

  • joe says:

    Hi could you please remove my comment as it is incorrect have found out since it wasn’t him. Thanks.

    • Melanie says:

      joe it’s good to see you wanted to correct you mistake as soon as possible and maybe The Professional should read and see that it’s far better to put things right and not just leave it and make such a mess.

      Anyone can make a mistake, but it’s about putting it right as soon as we can that counts and The Professional need to learn that instead of Covering-up instead with corruption.

  • Melanie says:

    i name & shame everyone within My own Case for being a useless lot of PATHETIC so called professional who can only know how to waste thousands of pounds in Corruption.

    So have a Happy Christmas counting all the money you made out of all your mistake, Lies, Corruption and Cover-up’s.

    i am now a member of 38 degrees, people, power, change and i’m determined, as that this won’t go on and other’s won’t be treated this way and i will never give up fighting such injustice, as you are all just such lowlife!!!

  • joe says:

    Owen W Lewis Barnsley South Yorkshire Last info received maybe @ SSA SOCIAL WORK in Sheffield web link: his twitter

    • mj says:

      O.Lewis was one of the good ones, reports are too positive, is an honest guy & no longer working for social services to what i’ve been told. Shame other s.workers not like him.

  • Melanie says:

    Message below was for Lynette Crafton.

  • Melanie says:

    Lynette I hope your Son is well and all this gets sorted out before Christmas and you can be together as a Family. C.S.S and The Guardian need to hear their voice and I understand, as their true wishes and feelings don’t get heard in The Court Hearing and it is so wrong and discussing. Their need to hear their voice.

  • tintinmoomoo says:

    Scarborough social services . Verity Cameron and her crew of liars and manipulators.

    too much too mention here but my whole life has been turned upside down forever by her actions. what a sad power seeking individual she is. Lies Lies and more Lies and no right to complain, no justice to be seen. HOW DO YOU SLEEP MISS CAMERON

  • lostmum says:

    CORRUPT to the core. The following traitors who have the audacity to say their actions are for the interests of the children. “Child Protection” We need to protect our children from those in authority, who have the urge to feel superior and powerful, who will stop at nothing to prove to parents that YES they can do as they please and at the same time be protected by the shroud of deceit within THE WALLS OF THE FAMILY COURTS. (BARBARA CARR. SW, ELAINE MCKAY. TEAM LEADER. also I cant go without the mere mention of Ms Isobel Allan, (x soc work) presently employed by SOUTH AYRSHIRE COUNCIL.. NOT as a SW but very similar. as its said once a SW always a SW. Grained into their sick, depraved heads. From the ridiculous to the Sublime. each and every one of you have no concenous, no morales or principles. NOTHING. Inhumane.

    • Melanie says:

      I have found nothing they ever done was in fact in THE BEST INTEREST OF THE CHILD and only in their own best interest and The whole System is as you say sick!!!

  • lostmum says:

    I have the greatest pleasure to be solely responsible for NAMING AND SHAMING the DICTATORS aka Social Workers at Whitletts area office AYR. BARBARA CARR, You have repeatidly LIED, twisted facts to suit the department. Changed your version of non existent events on several occasions. jumped on the band wagon of deceit the very day you all realised “HOW WRONG YOU ALL WERE” TO GET THE JUSTICE MY CHILDREN AND I DESERVE, I WILL EXPOSE EVERY LAST ONE OF THE CORRUPT PERPITRAITORS.

    • lostmum says:

      I look forward to the day my children are back home, where they deserve to be. From that day till the day i draw my last breath i will publicly tell my story, expose those cowards in authority. hell hath no Fury.. they said they will stand their ground, As will I, however I will dig my heels in.. May I also add, there are 3 cases similar to mine in AYR, Have the same SW, the accusations and risk factors are identical except for a couple that differ. NOT POSSIBLE, Conjured up by the non imaginative BARBARA CARR. Text book trawler, you neither have the brain nor the wit to at least vary the risks or concerns. Before signing off may i say Good luck to the 3 families i mentioned, be strong, only good will come from this. Bless you all…

  • Social Services in Plymouth are corrupt and the council are in bed with them, colluding with their lies and injustice.
    They are odd and robotic plus work for the common purpose, so please be aware.
    Contact Fassit or Ian Josephs for advice and never get a legal aid lawyer.
    I name and shame.
    Corrupt Plymouth social worker: Anna Christina Jones, a newly qualified airhead who sexes up your “report”.
    Corrupt Plymouth Social worker: Jeanette McGarry , a country hick who does not listen to you or is even on the same planet,just a textbook liar.
    Corrupt Plymouth Social Services : Tom Taylor , a two faced and spineless coward.A weak yes man who will lie if told to, even when shown proof to the contrary.Is terrified of female “professionals” and will agree with whatever they say, as he has no backbone and is a coward plus a mommas boy.A pathetic individual who cant stand up for himself against women or anyone for that matter,so will lie.
    All of the above are evil and have to live with that,with the next life to look forward to with their bad karma and wicked deeds!

  • kate says:

    corruption in Plymouth by the city council labour party, country court is corrupt, local solicitors corrupt, social services corrupt, stealing children and homes. high court is run by freemasons. wake up

  • Melanie says:

    I name & shame everyone within The Whole Case, as with so much Corruption going on it does go to prove My Child never needed to be in Care in the first place and My Child would have got adopted over all this!!

    I made a mistake by getting My Child in this Mess, but you as Professional all made much more mistakes and I name & shame all of you for Corruption.

    I will never ask anyone for help any as long as I live!!!

  • Melanie says:

    i name & shame Carol Garlick, Term Leader, Maltravers House, Yeovil, Somerset.

    You had a Case discussion with The Social Worker, Nicola Salvin on the 7 December 2011 (Case notes).

    Within these you said Adoption Panel needs to be arranged.

    i name & shame you Carol Garlick and the social worker, Nicola salvin, as My Solicitor, Rebecca #Marshall only told me that you said it was only just decided on The 23 January 2012 after seeing Dr. Fernando that same day.

    i was told by My Solicitor you had a Meeting on The Afternoon of The 23 January 2012 and you had decided to “Twin Track”, and so adoption panel would be arranged for The following week, which was on The 30 January 2012.

    But back in December 2011, when you Carol Garlick had this Case discussing with The social worker, Nicola Salvin we were waiting for Dr. Bank’s and his very important Addendum Report and that was dated on The 12 January 2012.

    Karen Reed , County Hall Taunton, somerset wrote a letter to Dr. bank on The 29 November 2011, asking him to Clarity his position and why he discounted the possibilty of adoption.

    So we wait from The 29 november 2011 until The Addendum Report from Dr. Bank’s on the 12 January 2012, so almost 2 month’s.

    Dr. Bank’s is in the addendum Report dated: 12 January 2012, still in fact saying he is against adoption for My child and he does very much clarify all that in this Report of which many question had been put forward to him from Somerset county Council.

    it is clear L.A always wanted adoption, but i was told that all we had was Dr. bank’s on our side and The court would take notice of that and of course Sarah Ralph (Guardian) was against adoption as well along with Dr. Bank’s.

    So if i am frighting adoption with My solicitor and i had Dr. Bank’s and The Cafcass, sarah Ralph on My side so called against adoption and frighting with me for Foster Care instead, then i have to wonder why My child passed that adoption panel so easy on The 30 January 2012.

    But then i just have to read Case notes and find that Carol Garlick told Nicola salvin that adoption panel needed to be arranged back on The 7 December 2011, so L.A were always very clear that adoption was what they were going to get.

    So i name & shame you Carol Garlick, as you were clear adoption was the way the whole Case was heading and you were so correct, as My child passed adoption panel on The 30 January 2012.

    The fact is it was all very clear.

    • Melanie says:

      Fact is nothing is how it seem and i realise now no notice should be took of any of these Report’s.

      i name & shame everyone for Corrupt Report’s and Letter’s within My Case!!

      What a waste of almost 2 Month’s, when really it had already been decided to arrange adoption panel!!

      • Melanie says:

        Never put your trust in any of them, as they are all just working together in the end and it is all a con and false sense of security and we all need to wake up to such Corruption.

    • Melanie says:

      I name & shame you Carol Garlick and Social Services at Maltravers House, Petters Way, Yeovil, Somerset, BA20 1XE

  • Melanie says:

    The Social Worker, nicola slavin i name & shame you!!!

    Parenting assessment dated 16 November 2011.

    Court Case: 30 November 2011.

    Telephone call made by you, Nicola Salvin within Case Notes, asking about The Possibility of My child becoming adopted!!

    We were told nothing at all could be decided or done until after The court Case on The 30 November and that same day in court our Solicitors just handed us both your Parenting assessments.

    The court Case on the 30 November 2011 was to talk about you Parenting assessments of which you wrote our Child should not come back to either of us and court to decide on that so you said.

    Yet you go and make a phone call already on The 22 November 2011.

    We as Parents were not anythings at all about your Plans until The 23 January 2012 when i was told by My Solicitor that on that day it had only just been decided to “Twin Track”.

    i did’nt even know what “Twin Tracked” was before The 23 January 2012.

    i name & shame you Nicola Salvin for never making your Plans clear!!

  • Melanie says:

    The Social Worker, Nicola Slavin I have to also name & shame you for not looking into all Family before taking The Case to Court and getting together a Meeting, as I believe Family Member has told you she would have taking My Child before The Case and this all never needed to happen!!!

    You Nicola Slavin made that mistake and Professional Mess!!!

    • Melanie says:


      Saving Torment to My Child and hundred’s of thousands of pounds!!!

      2 Year’s within a Mess of a Case, due to PROFESSIONAL MESS!!!

      I name & shame you all!!!

  • Melanie says:

    The Social Worker, Nicola Slavin you should lose your job for all you have done within The Case and The Mess you made of everything!!!

    You should be fined for all you have done.

    You should be made answer for all you have done.

    You should be before a JUDGE!!!

  • Melanie says:

    The Social Worker, Nicola Salvin and Karen Reed, L.A Solicitor, Taunton Somerset.

    I name & shame you Nicola Salvin for all the lies and Corruption and emotional damage done to My Child!!! You did everything possible to just get what you wanted and it wasn’t in The Best Interest Of A Child!!!

    Karen Reed, Solicitor for Nicola Salvin L.A I name & shame you for working along with such lies, Cover-up’s, mistakes and Corruption and doing all possible in getting what The Social Workers wanted which was ADOPTION.

    Karen Reed I name & shame you for letting this Case go on and on so long, as you just didn’t want to let go and so My Child was with The Foster Carer for over a whole year!!!

  • Terence Steele says:

    District Judge Mills at Croydon County Court Final Hearing Family and Private Law

    District Judge Mills I name and shame you as you listed a final hearing for 21,22,23,24 and 30th October 2013 yet you make the final judgement on 24th October and failing to take on board my sisters statement of truth for which she was made a positive applicant for special guardianship of my daughter in which the local authority social workers falsified her statements and medical evidence with false diagnosis and changing the dates. yet you rejected her application in which she would of being the perfect applicant having to work for the local auhtority in fact and having 22 years experience in Nursing and Support Worker for Vulnerable Adults with learning disabilities she is NNEB Nursey Nursing Examination Board Qualified and also having an NVQ in Health and Social Care and being updated in all her modules and First Aid. you have sided with e corrupt social workers and CAFCASS to make wrongful judgement in approving a care and placement order for the adoption of my daughter.

  • Terence Steele says:


    Social Worker Thomas Andrew Jordan reg: SW28835 Sutton Childrens Services
    falsified court statements and twisted facts that was untrue his profession was corrupt. he encouraged my ex partner to commence court proceedings against me and also intervened in my utility bills when in fact there was a court undertaking to my ex partner that now she was living at my property she had to contribute to half of the bills.

    Social Worker Pauline P Jacobs reg: SW90209 Sutton Children Services
    Carried out the viability assessment of my sister writing out the report and showing it to my sister in which my sister agreed when I received a copy of the report it was totally different to what I sister had witness, this social worker described the wrong contents of the home and wrote untruthful statements in her report of what my mother and sister had said.

    Laura Ann Harrison reg: SW42052 Sutton Childrens Services
    This social worker attended my flat on 25th October 2012 and told me that I was the perpetrator of domestic violence without any proof. she then stated that I needed to change when infact she only met me for 5 minutes and stated that my ex partner could not change due to her mild learining difficulties. She encouraged me to split up.

    Sherifa Temitope Adenmosun reg: SW37918 Suttons Children Services
    This social worker is the most corrupt of all who by falsyfying my sisters special guardianship assessment and medical evidence should be dismissed. She told my sister that her Special Guardianship Assessment was positive and that when my sister return from holiday they where going to do a care plan. When this social worker then heard that I was charged with the false allegation of rape from my ex partner her attitude turned towards my sister in which she made my sister cry and her tone of voice was violatile. She told my sister that she was too close to me and that she should not bother putting herself forward and that she should get on with her life. She then stated that I was a perpetrator of domestiv violence. She then falsified statements accusing my sister of delibrately self harming which is untrue. she made out that my sister was seen by a doctor who described my sister as obese and that she had a lot on her mind, When infact my sister never met Dr Fitzpatrick. This social worker stated in her statements that my sister was suffering from depression from 2006 till present, We obtained a medical report from my sisters GP which showed that she only had depression in 2008 for a period of one month due to an injury at work and in 2012 for a few weeks due to constant disputes with a neighbour. this social worker carried out an assessment on my aunty and labelled my cousin as having MS which is not true I understand that my aunty has made a complaint. This social worker also described my mother as very frail when infact my mother only broke her ankle in the snow in January 2013 and was on crutches.Due to all the misleading reports from Sutton Childrens social services at the lodge my baby daughter has now being placed for adoption.

    Social Worker Osei Kwasi Agyeman SW20633 Social Worker to my Daughter
    This Social worker failed to comply with court orders and passing or taking messages.
    During a meeting with the foster carers own social worker it was noticed by me and my sister that he was smirking at me and every time I opened my mouth he would overtalk to silence me he then laughed in the meeting and told me in front of everyone that I was being a pest in calling the mobile number of Thomas Jordan and that there has been complaints of me at the Sutton Social Services that I keep phoning on the wrong numbers. He then gave me his business card and everytime he called me he would have his number blocked. He took 3 weeks to report to the adoption team that I was falseliy charged by the police. He always sided with the childs mother and also depsite me reporting the previous foster carer to him due to the foster carer neglecting my daughter in December 2012 he did nothing and never took any action until March 2013 when the mother complained that our Daughter was being neglected by the foster carer in which the local authority transferred her to another foster carer who is now brilliant with my daughter, however Osei has failed to give a report on the reasons why the previous foster carer failed and this was requested by the court and myself since March 2013 and to date nothing has been done.

    • Melanie says:

      it is true The Social Worker also in My Case never wanted Special Guardians.

      She lied in November 2011, saying only Parents and Brother and Sister-in-law counted and that Cousin’s didn’t count.

      Then I put it to her again in January 2012 in writing this time and she then arranged adoption panel in January 2012 and got My Child passed, saying No Family to help.

      Then in March 2012, we put all details in writing with a solicitor and everyone within The Case and a Urgent Count Case was arranged and they put The Placement Application in on that same day as Family Member’s details to Court.

      Family Member broke down crying a few times after The Social Worker when around at first over this assessment.

      They even did try to get her to give-up on it all a few times, but she wouldn’t.

      it is all so terrible what has been going on, but so true!!

    • Lynette Crafton says:

      District judge mills went against my 15 year olds sons wishes and believed Sutton social service lies even when there was factual evidence and witnesses to prove their lies heather Taylor sw lied under oath as did darlington(some unpronousble name) who also seemed to struggle with the English language John Collins apparently there to represent my sons wishes met him twice over 8 months for a total of 1 hour and then went against everything my son told him social services told my sons school to put him in a cab to their offices so they could take him to a foster placement knowing he had told them numerous times he would run rather than go into care this was at 3.30 yesterday my son ran sw and police turned up to search my house found nothing and have not contacted me since and have not found my son they have just decided to arrest him and put him in a secure unit when hey find him punishment and prison without being convicted of a crime is this actually aloud

      • Alan says:

        Hi Lynette and sorry to hear of your traumatic situation. May I suggest that you contact either Ian Josephs at or Brian Gerrish at

        My thoughts are with you and your son at this difficult time.

        • Lynette Crafton says:

          Thanks am going to try them as of today they have still not found my son so at least he is standing up for what he wants but he should be at home with his family

          • Melanie says:

            My real concern is that they are turning our own Children into Victims and then running after them by the time they are about 13 years of age.

            Then their Children are next to be at risk, as they say because you were in Care now you can’t be a good Parent and on it goes again.

            Of course we know as Parent’s that is not always true, but they already label us all and we all become a target for abuse.

            This is why it has to stop and have a honest open Court and fair treatment and look at every Case without Corruption by Social Services and The Care System and without them going on so much about our Childhood or what could happen in The Future.

            Children need their Voices to be heard, as it is abuse now and then they become victims by Teenagers and running away and everything is wrong within The System.

      • TERENCE STEELE says:

        Lynette it seems we both having to deal with the corruption of suttons social services and the corrupt Judge Mills I have reported him yesterday for the judicial review.

        • Melanie says:

          Good for you!! We have ask for information under The Data Information Act on Report’s and Letter’s put before Judge Bromilow at our Final Hearing which was in March 2013.

          i have put Judge Bromilow on: Parliament should remove certain Judges says John Hemming MP and so you could also do that if you wish with Judge Mills.

          Corruption and such discussing treatment needs to stop and a Fair System for everyone and no more Child and Baby Stealing.

  • Melanie says:

    Judge Bromilow I name & shame you for being corrupt, as The Senior Family Judge, Sir James Munby is the sort of Judge I would want in these Care Cases and a Judge that would look over all My evidence I had that day in My large box and hear My voice and a Judge that all Parents and Children should be before and that won’t just go along with L.A lies and Corruption.

    • Melanie says:

      All I was ever asking for was a Judge with Standards and every Parent and Child should have this.

      • Melanie says:

        We can’t just have a RUBBER STAMP Judge that does what L.A want and I name & shame you Judge Bromilow, as you proved that you do this at My Final Hearing in March 2013.

        • Melanie says:

          Then Judge Bromilow you even went on to prove you put a Gagging Order on a Parent because I made it clear I was just going to tell The TRUTH.

          So you don’t answer to any letter’s or Complaint and don’t explain and have a Corrupt Final Hearing and then just put a Gagging Order on Parents!!!

  • Melanie says:

    David Vautier, solicitor, Ken House, Cork Street, Frome, somerset, BA11 1BL and Sarah Ralph, 6 Mendip House, high street, Taunton, TA1 3SX. Sarah Ralph (Cafcass) has now moved on to: Minerva House, Pynes Hill, Exeter, EX2 5JL.

    i would be happy to talk over any of these comments i have made here and have it all out in the open with anyone, but not in any “Closed Courts”, more open in public!!

    i am happy to go over My whole case with anyone, knowing i am telling The TRUTH!!

    My Case was a PROFESSIONAL MESS and everyone was CORRUPT!!!

  • Melanie says:

    i name & shame you Judge Browilow for putting a Gagging Order on me just after a week of The Final Hearing in March 2013.

    i said that i was telling The Truth and next minute i get a Gagging Order. They are ringing My Home, My Mobile and banging at My door and running around Street with this Gagging Order as if a Murder had taking place and yet all it is about is the fact that The case want to Cover-up Corruption!!!

    i have been in a Case and have Cover-up’s over My Diagnosis and anti-psychotic Medication i never needed to take and My own Psychiatrist, Dr. Mann just keeping out the way for a whole year within the Case and then it’s i have “Borderline Learning Problems” and a Low I.Q. The seeing My own Child so unhappy in Care and My Child being emotional abused by this System and being used like a pawn by social services. i have had lies, Torment, Abuse, Deception. i have had mistakes, Cover-up’s, Mess, Farce.

    i have had Reports changing around all the time and trying to adopt My child without Consent. i have had everyone within the Case playing silly games and setting up appoinments and Doctor appointments and trying to push me as much as possible into breaking down.

    i have had to put up with having all Mistakes being put on me, well i’m sorry, but i can answer for My own mistakes and don’t need to also take on everyone’s in The Case as well and use Corrupt and make me suffer for anything.

    My Child has had to suffer and The case just would’nt let go for so long and did everything possible in Corruption to hold on Tormenting My Child and did’nt care at all about Kid’s.

    Then after all that and almost 2 Year’s of corruption and such a Mess and Farce i have to be before you Judge Bromilow for yet another Farce!!!

    i have been Threaten, Intimidated and what for, because i’m telling The TRUTH!!!

    i Name & Shame all of you within My Case for the way you use Power and Threaten and intimidate when it is really due to the fact that you want to just Cover-up!!!

    The only reason you put Gagging Orders on Parents in to just try and stop TRUTH coming out!!!

    You are using Power Judge Bromilow to intrimidate Parents!! You are Corrupt!!!

  • ANOM says:

    jennifer muncaster

    this is THE address her business is registered to:


  • ANOM says:

    Almost all social workers work as self employed for local authorities, to do this they register as a LTD company usually to their home address as they do not have business premises Search companies house for their company details. Searching their name with: LTD, SOCIAL CARE, COMPANY, ETC.. finds their details. Then take legal advise in regard to taking legal action/compensation against the limited company.
    All social workers are registered with hcpc you can make a complaint to them that is independent from the council, social services and the court. Social workers fear the hcpc as they can strike them off for unprofessional conduct.

  • john says:

    Social worker Sulaiman Rogers wrote conflicting and incorrect reports whilst at Bexley childrens social care

    Suliaman Rogers is also director of Rogers social care LTD

  • john says:

    Kevin Buck currently Service Manager at Bexley children & families social care

    Failed to deal with a written formal complaint within council guidelines.

    Kevin Buck is also believed to be director of:


  • john smith says:

    Social worker Sulaiman Rogers writes conflicting and incorrect reports

    Full details:
    Sulaiman Rogers
    Director of Rogers Social Care LTD
    13, Scovell Crescent, Waterloo, London, SE1 1PS

    Suliaman Rogers Works through his own LTD company for local authority’s
    Last known to be working for Bexley children’s social care

  • Melanie says:

    County Court Taunton. Judge Bromilow we went in for 10 Minutes and then you said a long break of around 2 hours and then we would talk again about The Case.

    So I take that big box of evidence in with My Church friend and then back out again. we didn’t know it was only going to be 10 minutes then a break.

    We decided to go out as it was so long a break while you all work out what you were going to say.

    The Security Man on The door said why didn’t we leave the box with him and The Court would look after it all and it would save us both having to carry a big heavy box back out and then back in again. My Church friend said no it’s fine I can help her carry it and we will keep it with us!!

    I saw Sarah Ralph (Cafcass) outside after Case, as My Church Friend was getting her Car and I was waiting with My box. All Sarah Ralph could say was don’t let anyone read that paperwork, as it’s Court paperwork and The Case.

    If this paperwork is so important, they why wasn’t Judge Bromilow at all interested in looking at it with me inside that Court Room and within that Final Hearing and before he RUBBER STAMPS!!!

  • Melanie says:

    JUDGE BROMILOW, Taunton County Court. i name & shame you, as i had that big box of evidence at The Final Hearing in March 2013. i had My church friend as a independent witness, as i had dropped My PROFESSIONAL LOSER as a Solicitor and was talking for Myself. My box of evidents was so big that my church friend did help me in Court with it. i wanted to bring all this evidence for you Judge Bromilow of The almost 2 Year Case.

    i told you about how The Social worker never put Family member forward when you said The case had gone on along time. But Judge bromilow i did put family member forward back in November 2011, but The social worker lied and said cousin’s did’nt count and My cild was still taken to adoption panel in January 2012 and almost adopted due to this!!

    Judge Bromilow, you did’nt want to talk about that and did’nt look very happy i had said it, but i was just talking TRUTH.

    Judge Bromilow you never sid anything about the September 2012 Hearing and why Sarah Ralph said we could all have NO CONTACT ORDER and NO SUPERVISION ORDER on family member.

    Judge Bromilow you did’nt have time to look at all My real evidence i had for you in that big box within that Court room.

    Judge Bromilow when i spoke out and said i was sure My Child’s Dad would’nt have changed his mind and Statement 30 minutes ago on the phone with his Solicitor, you said Martin Davies, Batten is his Solicitor and talking for him today and not you.

    i did say Sorry to you Judge Bromilow, as it was confusing when i had only spoken Myself to My child’s Dad in that 2 hour long break you all had before we came back into Court and he did’nt tell me he had changed his mind and now wanted a Supervision Order put on himself.

    Well i said Sorry and Martin Davies, Solicitor went to pick up his phone right in front of me to ring My son’s Dad, but then as i said sorry and let it all go and then Martin Davies put his phone back down without ringing and The Case when on.

    Judge Bromilow i have to name & shame you, as you did’nt hear what i was saying and you did’nt have time to look at all My real evidence of this whole Case. You did’nt say a word about the September Hearing in 2012 and why things had changed and now we were before you in March 2013.

    As soon as you made your Order i rang My child’s Dad Myself and as everyone heard just outside your Court Room My Child’s Dad never did change his mind and Statement and never did say to his Solicitor Martin Davies that he wanted a Contact Order on himself and a Supervision Order on family member, but you had just RUBBER STAMPED what L.A were asking for.

    Judge Bromilow i have to name & shame you for the way you conducted The Final Hearing in March 2013. i am very concerned about all THE ADOPTIONS you may have RUBBER STAMPS Over the year’s if this is how you act and don’t want to know about Parents real evidence and just go along with The Social Worker’s lies and L.A.

    i had never been before any Judge before in My life, as i had a clean Police record, but i had a shock at such a farce and Corruption and i name & shame you Judge Bromilow for The Suffering Children have to bear if this is how you let them down!!

    • Kevin says:

      Judge Bromilow I as Dad to Child name & shame you. I wrote to you for a Appeal on your Final Hearing. I was unwell and so Martin Davies, Battens was My Solicitor talking for me on that day.

      Sarah Ralph (Cafcass) said she was going to talk up against a Supervision Order on Family Member and a Contact Order on me and My solicitor Martin Davies was going to talk up for me with her.

      However as My Solicitor, Martin Davies MISREPRESENTED me at that Final Hearing and I did not say on the phone to him I wanted a Contact Order and I had changed My Statement!!

      I got a letter back from Taunton Court, saying sorry My Letter got lost for a while and now Judge Bromilow is saying it was too late for appeal and Judge Bromilow doesn’t have to give any reasons why he came to that decision on The Final Hearing and My Letter had no Merit!!!

      I have wrote again to Judge Bromilow at Taunton Court, saying I should have had a Fair Hearing under The Human Rights Act and he has to explain his reasons. I heard nothing again from Taunton Court!!

      • Kevin says:

        in all I wrote to Judge Bromilow and Taunton Court 3 times after that Final Hearing!!!

        This is how they treat Parents and The Children who suffer, as they think they are above The Law and want it all done in CLOSED COURTS

      • Melanie says:

        I wrote to Judge Bromilow on The same day as The Final Hearing and so it is all such rubbish about your letter being too late for Appeal, as they had My letter of Complaint on The Conduct of The Final Hearing in March 2013.

        it is clear all Judge Bromilow done was Cover all Mistakes, lies, Corruption The Case had done for almost 2 year’s and as it was now too late for adoption just now go along with getting a Supervision Order and Contact Orders and change everything from The September 2012 Family Court Hearing.

        The Plan was just to go along with L.A on Supervision Order and Contact Orders.

        L.A took that Final Hearing in March 2013 and The Guardian never said a word at all and Judge Bromilow just let all The Corruption go ahead and was just The RUBBER STAMP!!

        Then after My Letter, saying I am telling The Truth about everything Judge Bromilow puts a Gagging Order on me and I name & shame him for Cover-up’s and Corruption and just working along with L.A on The Final Hearing.

        L.A just stood up with what they wanted to say and Judge Bromilow went along with everything they wanted.

        Judge Bromilow only wanted to hear L.A on The Final Hearing and he made a farce of The Law!!!

        We need Standards, we need respect and we need to see this in The Judges and most of all The Children need The Judge to hear Parents and look at real evidence and not go along with such Corruption and lies from The Social Worker.

        Any Judge with respect could see The Case was a Mess and as a Family we shouldn’t have been tormented anymore.

        Yet you went along with it all and even put The Gagging Order on me and using your Power in Corruption!!

        it was not a Court Hearing at all, but just a Farce and we need Law and Order and respect and Standards and take adoption, supervision ordered, contact orders SERIOUS!!!

        Adoption is The most SERIOUS Matter and so is all these Supervision, Contact and Gagging Orders and we shouldn’t have a MOCKERY OF THE LAW!!!

    • Kevin says:

      My Family Member has also told me how Sarah Ralph (Cafcass) said she would stand and talk out about not having a Supervision Order on her and a Contact Order on me as Dad too at that Final Hearing.

      Yet she just sat at Final Hearing and never said a word!! After almost 2 year’s within a Case!!

      She had so much to say in that September 2012 Hearing inside and outside The Court Room that day!!!

      She has proven to be so Corrupt and didn’t care at all about The Child!!!

  • Melanie says:

    Doctor Alan Lilolywhite, Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist. The Court Expert has gone to Gibraltar i have been told in a letter from David Vautier ( Child Solictor ).

    Doctor Lillywhite’s personal circumstances were about to change significantly in November 2012 and he had taken up a post in Gibraltar and leaving the U.K in mid January 2012.

    Due to recent Government regulations regarding Re-validation and the GMC when he departs for Gibraltar he will have to give up his rights to practice in the U.K and as a result will not be able to be a Expert witness after January 2013.

    Any questions to The Expert, Doctor Lillywhite can’t be answers after January 2013.

    Final Hearing was in January 2013, but then it was moved to March 2013.

    It was November 2012 David Vautier ( Child’s Solicitor ) and Sarah Ralph (Guarian) said My Mental Health was going downhill, as i said i was going to The PRESS after this Case about what had gone on and Doctor Lillywhite and everything.

    Yet in September 2012, David Vautier (Child Solicitor) and Sarah Ralph (Guardian) were supporting Special Guardianship and as Sarah Ralph said in Court we as Parents could just work it out with family member and have NO CONTACT ORDER and NO SUPERVISION ORDER and for the first time everything was going our way.

    i had already told David Vautier and Sarah Ralph everything i knew just before The September 2012 Hearing, but i suppose i upset them afterward by saying i was’nt going to let it go and still going to The PRESS after the Case.

    So that’s when My Mental Health went downhill and Final Hearing was changed from January 2013 to March 2013 before Judge Bromilow.

    Outcome: Dad every 6 weeks Contact Order
    12 Month’s Supervision Order on family member

    i name and shame you Sarah Ralph (Cafcass) for having so much to say in that September 2012 Court Hearing and then not saying a word in that Final Hearing in March 2013 and using such Corruption!!!

    The whole Final Hearing 2013 was CORRUPT!!!

    • Melanie says:

      Dr. Alan Lillywhite, The Priory Hospital, Heath House Lane, Bell Hill, Bristol and now living in Gibraltar since 2012.

      Dr. Lillywhite ( Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist ) I name & shame you, as Dr. Mann said how he would ask you to maybe look into further Expert specialist assessment to avoid switching personalities within a letter to My Solicitor, Mark Langsworthy.

      Dr. Mann said in my appointment with him in April 2012, that Dr. Lillywhite would maybe suggest the best help I could get for a Muti-Personally within The Final Hearing.

      We needed to look at how I could have “Schizoaffective Disorder” and need anti-psychotic Medication with Dr. Mann for year’s and then I didn’t need The Medication due to a Muti-Personally and so I was all theses different personalities.

      it’s odd, as when I looked into it all and saw yet another Doctor, I was told it was all impossible and what I always had and still did have was in fact ANXIETY AND O.C.D.

      I can’t understand why a Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist didn’t pick up on that back in August 2011 when I saw you and I really wonder why you never notice this within year’s of My Medical Notes.

      I have to name & shame you, as once I told you all that I knew what I really had, then you just move to Gibraltar and I couldn’t ever ask you all those questions about different personalities.

      it’s not really so complex after all and really you should notice O.C.D, but then maybe you shouldn’t write reports on seeing someone just once and we shouldn’t have a Case on The Word of The Expert.

      I first believed you in August 2011, but you are a Forensic Psychiatrist, however I realise everything now and I name & shame you for turning it all into a farce and writing a Corrupt Report in January 2012.

      We don’t need Experts who are Corrupt in these Cases!!!

      Everything was just rubbish and you all took it too far in the end!!

  • Melanie says:

    Melinda Harvey, Social Services, Somerset. i name & shame you for all you did in the end. Having that Meeting in February 2012 and saying My child wants to stay with The Foster Carer, Trish Cabell who worked for The Fostering & Adoption Agent, Cath Davies, Manager/Director of Ehanced Foster Care, Wiltshire and was getting £975.00 per week.

    i name & shame you, as My child was never the same after adoption panel in January 2012. My Child was always asking to come home and it when on and on and then in the end My Child gave up and was so tormented and brainwashed by The Social Worker, Nicola Slavin and The Foster Carer, Trish Cabell that he went along with what he was told to say at that Meeting.

    He was afraid of his Foster Carer, Trish Cabell due to his ANXIETY.

    we as Parents never came to that Meeting on that day, as we could’nt bear anymore of what was being done to our Child!!!

    My Child was never happy with this Foster Carer and he was made stay with her for over a year and the only time he was happy was when she went on holiday and he went to stay with another Foster Carer, Vanessa Bond instead and yet you all knew this and let My child suffer Mental torment for over a year and then in the end go on and on to that poor child so much, just to get what you want!!!

    My child could’nt wait to get away with a Family Member and it is very clear why he never wants to see another Social Worker ever again in his life and that is because he was tormented and his mind damaged by This corrupt Care System!! THE CARE SYSTEM IS CHILD ABUSE!!

    i name & shame you all for what you are doing to children.

    • Melanie says:

      Melinda Harvey I name & shame you, as when you came to My house you said I shouldn’t have seen a Private Psychiatrist and gone ahead with that without telling My Solicitor.

      You said stop doing these things and My Son would soon be with Family Member back in April 2012.

      Yet then within a couple of day’s I see Dr. Mann, Psychiatrist and they are next bring Dr. Bank’s, Child Psychologist back down again in July 2012 and have arranged a Final Hearing in November 2012 with both Expert’s coming down.

      By what you were saying that day, it did very much sound like Family Member would pass and My Son would be living with Family Member by end of June 2012, but then I go and see Dr. Mann, Psychiatrist and recorded it all and told everyone and then it all seem to change again.

      it really does upset you all so much when we as Parents try and get independent assessments and it does seem to mess The Case all up, but we have to do what is in THE BEST INTEREST OF THE CHILD.

      Being out The System and with Family sooner rather then later was always going to be best for My Child and so should have happen Month’s before it in fact did in the end.

      • Melanie says:

        it’s all very clear it was going to be adoption and you never wanted Family Member and that was very clear as well, but i saw Dr. Humphries and so everything then changed and Family was going to get My Son and so first stage was passed within Court in April 2012.

        Then a couple week’s later i see Dr.Mann for his Report and as i told everyone i had recorded it was then decided to write that and now The Expert, Dr. Lillywhite did’nt have to change his Reports around.

        So the plan was back on for adoption yet again.

        So go on and still pass Family Member, but we lose in Court in Final Hearing and so it’s good i came to my senses and worked everything out and got that all changed again by September 2012!!!

        You have to be more clever in such Corruption when dealing with a person with O.C.D, as i don’t miss anything!!!

        Yes you are a disscussing lot and don’t care at all about kids that’s for sure!!!

        So Melinda Harvey, Social Services i name & shame you, as you just worked along Carol Garlick, Team Leader, Social Services, Yeovil, Somerset and The Social Worker, Nicola Slavin, Yeovil, Somerset and i found none of you to be independent, but instead all working together in Corruption!!!

  • Melanie says:

    Dr. Sadie Young, Psychologist. i have to name & shame you for your Report.
    i do not have “BORDERLINE LEARING PROBLEMS” i do not have a LOW I.Q OF JUST 76.

    i had to take your test due to the fact i had a History of Mental Health Problems and was within The N.H.S Mental Health System.

    i hope you realise this was used against me when The Social worker, Nicola Slavin was Month’s later asking Court to adopt My Child without My Consent, “FORCED ADOPTION”.

    i had never veen told before in My Life that i had “Borderline learning Problems” and since then i have been told i don’t have “Borderline Learning Problems” and i even paid another Psychologist in 2012 and it is a fact that i don’t have “Borderline Learning Problems”.

    it is very important that these tests are carries out right and these Reports are written correct, as Social Workers are getting away with “FORCED ADOPTION”, WITHOUT PARENTS CONSENT on the word of THE EXPERT.

    i Name & Shame all THE SO CALLED EXPERTS within My Case!!!

  • Kevin says:


    i waited and waited for information under The Data Protection 1998 and The Freedom of Information Act 2000. After over a year i had nothing and they were just putting it off all the time!!

    i name & shame L.A for BREAKING THE LAW!!

    i name & shame Judge Bromilow, as he doesn’t want to hear any real evidence against L.A and yet he goes along with all Corruption from a Social Worker.

    i wrote to Judge Bromilow about this, as i read somewhere that you can ask a Judge to get L.A to give you this information, but Judge Bromilow doesn’t want to know about what is correct in these Cases!!

  • Melanie says:

    Paul Shallcross who was The Manager of Maltravers House, Yeovil, somerset in 2011 when My Case Started. i believe he moved to Frome in Somerset. i name & shame you for being corrupt and telling me that you had no buget and no money to help at all, but within Court My child would get all money spend to help. This was such a lie to take a Mother in, as all the money was spend on Solicitors, Experts, Cafcass, Foster and Adoption Agents.

    None of them did any good at all in trying to help My child, but just emotionally damage My Child instead and just spend as much money as possible on Corruption.

    i never would have ever contacted any of you in the first place asking for help if i had realised how you emotionally abuse Kids and just waste thousands on Corruption!!!

    • Kevin says:

      Hilary Reynols, Adult Social Worker, Summerlands Hospital, YEOVIL, Somerset. I name & shame you for this whole MESS!!!

      A PROFESSIONAL MESS which ended up costing HUNDRED’S OF THOUSANDS!!!

      • Melanie says:

        i name & shame everyone within The Case, as i believe they worked this all out before January 2012, but still decided to go ahead with adoption!!!

        Then it all ended up going on until March 2013!!!

      • Melanie says:

        I also realise now just what a mess Hilary Reynolds, Adult Social Worker, Summerlands Hospital did make and the problem was everyone taking so much notice of her and she wasn’t even a Doctor or Psychiatrist!! She was going around shouting about how I needed these anti-psychotic Medication and yet when they all realised I never did need it and it was their mistake, then nobody spoke out and I never saw Hilary Reynolds or Dr J Mann My Psychiatrist again for over a Year and they just send De-Westaway around to so called support me, but all the time keep me away from Dr. Mann. All These Professional made such a mess in their cover-up’s and acting so stupid once My Case started.

  • Melanie says:

    Dr. Fernando, Paediatrician, Yeovil Hospital, Yeovil, Somerset. i name & shame you for being Corrupt and working along with L.A

    Why i January 2012, just before adoption panel you make out that you have never met The Social Worker, Nicola Slavin and The Foster Carer, Trish Cabell and never met or knew about anyway on My Child is such Corruption.

    Then i find your name in old paperwork back in July 2011 and how My Child had a appointment with you back then and so now it’s that My Child saw another Doctor that day back in July 2011 and you Dr. Fernando just signed it off!!!

    it was very clear you already knew The Foster Carer, Trish Cabell and My Child before and was just playing along in this Corruption and helping with adoption!!

    My Child has even said now how he was told to make out he did’nt know you by The Social Worker, Nicola Slavin and his Foster Carer, Trish Cabell before that appointment in January 2012.

    i name & shame you Doctor Fernando for being Currupt, but also child abuse, as making a Child play along in this Coruption has to be emotional abuse.

    • Kevin says:

      Yes I name & shame you also Doctor Fernando, YEOVIL Hospital, YEOVIL, Somerset. I as Dad know you were acting Corrupt!!!

      Maybe if you ever find out who this other Doctor was that works with you and you just signed off for him on that day in July 2011, then maybe you could let me know, as I have been trying to get that Medical Report from L.A.

      • Melanie says:

        DOCTOR FERNANDO I name & shame you for going along with L.A and working along with Cover-up’s.

        The Child in these Cases is so important and you need to give your honest opinion on any problems a Child may have and not work along in adoption!!!

        I name & shame you for what you have done to My Child within Cover-up’s and what you did to me as a Parent who just wanted TRUTH!!!

        These Children need you to be honest!!!

  • Melanie says:

    Linda Barnett, Country Hall, Taunton, Somerset. i name & shame you Linda Barnett, as Director of Children’s Care for being so Corrupt!!!

    You support The Social worker within lies and cover-up for them and i have got The Adoption Minutes, which said we had NO FAMILY to help in January 2012. This was 2 Months after i had put a family member forward to The social Worker, Nicola Slavin and she lied, saying Cousins did’nt count!!

    Every Parent should get these adoption panel minutes before Final Hearing and find out just what lies and cover-up’s are going on to get a Child passed.

    i was told you don’t let Parent’s have adoption panel minutes to protect the identity of a Child and what rubbish!! The reason you don’t want adoption panel minutes going out to Parent’s is very clear and that is so The Social Worker can just say anything on that day and get a Child passed!!

  • Melanie says:

    stephanie Bradley, Gareth Webb & co Solicitors, Yeovil, somerset. i name & shame you as being a Solicitor who does work for L.A.

    You were family member’s Solicitor and you were even picked for family member by L.A and Court, as family member was going to have a good Solicitor instead.

    You worked along Karen Reed (L.A), Solicitor all the time.

    You told family member advise that would help L.A

    You got family member to write a Statement that would help L.A

    Then on The Final Hearing in March 2013, you even got family member to sign another Statement, telling her it was just the same as the one she signed the week before in your office. Yet you changed some of the wording and changed it from a 6 Month’s Supervision Order to a 12 Month’s Supervision Order.

    Then again knowing very well L.A had done a assessment on family member over Guardianship Allowance and just before this Final Hearing i had Paperwork now, saying that they now did think family member could have a allowance, you in fact never said a word when L.A stood up and said they had not looked into any money or allowance yet, so nothing had been decided.

    i had a whole box of paperwork at The final Hearing and so if anyone had taken the time to read it all, well all the prove of the Case was within it!!!

    i had all The Report’s, Letter’s and Paperwork in that Court at Final Hearing, but as Judge Bromilow said, he did’nt have time to look at all that and could only have time to look at one letter from my whole large box!!!

    i took real evidence to that Final Hearing and a independent respectable witness.

    You Stehanie Bradley are Corrupt and you work for L.A and you are a PROFESSIONAL LOSERS!!!

  • Melanie says:

    Matin Davis, Head of Department(Family), Solicitor for Battens of Yeovil, Somerset and Sherborne, Dorset. i name you for being a Legal aid PROFESSIONAL LOSER.

    You were The Father’s Solicitor and he wrote his Statement.

    On the day of The Final Hearing you made out that in a telephone call he has in fact changed his mind and now did go along with having a Contact Order on himself!!

    You lied in court and worked along in Corruption against what you were told and did this in helping within The Final Hearing put a Contact Order on Dad of once every 6 week’s and a Contact Order on me as Mum of just 2 times per year and a Supervision Order on Family Member of 12 Month’s.

    you used this, as The Child’s Dad was unwell on the day of The Final Hearing and Sarah Ralph (Guardian has written in a report that she supported No Supervision Order on family member and No contact Order on The Child’s Dad.

    Sarah Ralph (Guardian) wanted a way out of her report and so together on knowing he was’nt going to be at Final Hearing you worked out a plan in making out in your phone call to him just 30 minutes before he has changed his mind and Statement!!! Then David Vautier (Child Solicitor) stands up and is saying, well Sarah Ralph was going to stand and talk out, but as The Child’s Dad has changed his mind, then she has nothing to say!!!

    i shame you Martin Davies for working along with Corruption at The Final Hearing in March 3013 and also knowing what was said at The Hearing in Court in September 2012.

    Remember i also even had a independent witness from My Church in with me at that Final Hearing and she saw and heard everything and just how Corrupt you were all acting.

    At The End Of The Day you proved to be a PROFESSIONAL LOSSER.

    • kevin says:

      I name & shame you Martin Davies, Solicitor, Battens for I got The Legal Aid information and you got paid another £20,000 in January 2012 for this Final Hearing in March 2013 and what for, just to be a PROFESSIONAL LOSERS.

      After 6 Month’s I am still getting information coming about Legal Aid and about another £25,000 you had as well since Final Hearing and all you did was write one letter to say I could come in and talk with you if I wanted about The Final Hearing. That was only due to the fact I wrote direct asking Judge Bromilow to explain his reasons.

      it is clear I wouldn’t want to deal with you again after The Final Hearing and knowing how you acted and MISREPRESENTED me.

      When ringing you after that Final Hearing, you said it is better then adoption!! Well yes, but it was only down to us as Parents frighting all the way and it is clear had we not as a Family done all we did together, then Months before you would have lost and My Child adopted and been a PROFESSIONAL LOSERS back then also!!!

      You were at that September 2012 Court Hearing and that proves everything, as you never said a word about it either within The Final Hearing in March 2013.

    • Melanie says:

      MARTIN DAVIS Director of Family Law, Battens Solicitors, Mansion House, Princess Street, Yeovil, Somerset.

  • Melanie says:

    The fact is many of you make mistakes, but nobody will answer to that and so in the end Corruption goes on and more and more so called Professional get involved in this cover-up. Then a Case goes on Months and Months longer due to this and thousands and thousands being wasted. Thousands of tax payers money!!!

    Then all you do is work then together not only to all cover-up your mistakes, but trying to get adoption!!

    You waste time and thosands all working together and wanting to cover-up any mistakes and use Corruption in doing this.

    What you don’t seen to understand is the torment and abuse being done to a Child, well you are all only concerned about covering-up!!

    Also it is very clear this whole Corrupt System is just money making and everyone within a Case making thousands out of it all!!

    When even your own Solicitors are working against you and getting paid for it all and so i name & shame Rebecca Marshall and Mark Langsworthly both of Porter Dodson, Yeovil, Somerset as well!!

    The whole lot of you just make so much money out of it all and you may as well all turn up at Court from day one with CORRUPT stamped on your head, instead of taking Parents in for Months as you first did me.

    Thank God i woke up to such Corruption!!!

    Shame on the lot of you.

  • Melanie says:

    Edward Colgan, Chief Executive of Somerset Partnership, N.H.S, Bridgewater, Somerset. i name & shame you for all you did to try and cover-up any mistakes and all the Corruption. i name & shame Doctor Mann and De-Westaway, Summerlands Hospital for Corruption and Edward Colgan wrote such rubbish letters to cover-up for them and made himself look supid.

    Edward Colgan you may think it’s OK to use a 1992 book and for a Psychiatrist use that in Corruption, thinking it would take me in, but i don’t need any 1992 book to tell from your letters that you are in fact Corrupt!! How supid you all were!!

    • Melanie says:

      Edward Colgan I name & shame you, as you really need to get some up-to-date book’s for Dr. Mann at Summerland’s Hospital, Yeovil, Somerset and not expect him to work along with book’s in 1992, as he was really using outdated information.

      it is a concern that Dr. Mann went on treating me for so many year’s for a diagnosis I didn’t have and gave me such a lot of anti-psychotic medication, but really for him to try and make out I had a muti-personally and I was a different person and that was the reason why I never had his diagnosis anymore or needed anti-psychotic medication was really taking Corruption too far!!!

      So I name & shame you for Covering-up and I name & shame you for saying it’s ok for Dr. Mann to try and take me in with a 1992 book!!!

      • Melanie says:

        Dr. Bank’s Psychologist for Court. I name & shame you for coming back down again in July 2012, as you just wanted to change everything that you had written in you first visit in September 2011 and your next report in January 2012.

        L. A were not happy at all with your reports and so you come back in July 2012 to just start writing what they wanted.

        it was clear Corruption bringing you down again in July 2012 and I have to name & shame you for that and how you acted in the end!!

        But then again in September 2012 your visit in July 2012 and report in August 2012 didn’t count and by what was said within Family Court that day.

        Then you write another in November 2012.

        I name & shame you as it’s a MESS!!!

        You can keep changing everything about all the time and making a farce of a Case and torment Parent and Child going on and on so long with a Case full of Cover-up’s!!

        it all was a complete MESS!!!

    • Melanie says:

      DR.MANN, Summerlands Hospital, Yeovil, Somerset. I name & shame you for writing a CORRUPT AND DISCREDITED Report on The 4 May 2012.

      • Melanie says:

        Dr. Mann i also name & shame you for writting a inaccurate Report in the first place and knowing it back in June 2011, but just hoping The Expert would go along with you at that time and cover your year’s of incompetence.

        How many ended up getting involved due to you and the supid way you acted keeping out the way and hiding behind De-westaway (C.P.N).

        if only you had realised that you could have contacted My Solicitor anytime and sorting it all out.

        • Melanie says:

          i also have to name & shame you De-westaway (CPN), Summerlands Hospital, Yeovil somerset for coming out and being so nice to me and saying how you would anything to help me get my son back and how you would stand up for me against The Social Worker, nicola Slavin and writting that letter in November 2011 and again standing up for me in Febuary 2012 and really the only reason you were doing it all was to cover for Dr. Mann and keep me away from him by making out i was better then i was and did’nt need to see him and also it was due to government cuts.

          then your going on about it will soon be 12 month’s soon since i last seen Dr. Mann and so by what you were saying it was very clear that all you and Dr. Mann cared about was 12 Month’s being up and The Case being over and Dr. Mann getting out of everything and in return you would help me get My Son back.

          Yet it is clear you did’nt know just as i did’nt how these cases work, but as soon as you did in April 2012 and knew that they were going to cover Dr. Mann in corruption, well you did’nt care then if My son got adopted, so it does show you up for what you are and why you were being so nice to me before was just in abuse, as that’s what abusers do to their victims and you are no better, as it was Mental Health Abuse!!

          However i did realise something was going on by your actions for a few Month’s before writting asking to see Dr. mann in February 2012 and i knew by My conversation with My solicitor, Rebecca Marshall in February 2012 which was just after writting that first letter and so that was the real reason i wrote another letter to Dr. Mann that same month and saying i now did’nt mind if he did see me or not, as i had worked out that it was’nt going to be a genuine appointment.

          So i’m not as stupid as you think and it was you and Dr. Mann acting so stupid for over a year within this Case and if that is the way you act to cover-up in My Case, then i’m afraid i would’nt trust anything you do at summerlands Hospital with Mental Health Patients.

          You said to me on one of our appoinment what a mess Social Services had made and what a mess The case was, but you could’nt see that you were part of the mess and the stupid way you and Dr. Mann were acting!!!

  • Melanie says:

    Doctor Latimer, Yeovil, Somerset. i name & shame you for many mistakes and working along in Corruption with L.A and not really helping your Patient or Child that was also your Patient, but more trying to cover-up things you had done and said that were proven wrong over My Case!!

    • Melanie says:

      Also I name & shame Dr. S. Latimer, Hendford Lodge Medical Centre, Yeovil, Somerset for being so busy working along in Corruption within My Case and My Mental Health and taking no notice of My real health problems. I changed from this GP, after knowing her involvement within The Case and with Dr. Mann and De-Westaway from Summerlands Hospital. It is clear now I had health problems that needed looking into and I had all the systems since 2011 for kidney stones and infections and now ended up in Intensive Care also losing My life.
      Due to Government cut, I may not have got the Care needed at that time, but also it has to do with so much Corruption and time taking up within their cover-up’s and all this farce over My Mental Health instead of looking into other health problems I was suffering with and just putting it down Pre-menopausal and just nothing much.
      Both My Son and Myself have had to suffer health problems and so family member decided herself after all that had gone on with My Son and on meeting Dr. Latimer to change his GP and I decided that I would change as well due to lack of trust ever again and lack of looking into My health problems and only ever looking at Mental health and also working along in Corruption and the whole farce and Cover-up in both My Son’s and My own health and just to cover her own mistakes and Summerlands Hospital’s.

  • Melanie says:

    Cath Davies,Manager at Enchanced Foster Care, which i found out was also a adoption Agenty. i name & shame Enchanced Foster Care for charging almost £1,000 per week for a Child in Foster Care!! For working along in Corruption, so that they can keep that Child longer and earn more money and for working along in the plan, which is adoption all the time. Also for being Corrupt when a Parent has a concern over a Foster Carer and not looking into that concern!!!

  • Melanie says:

    Doctor Jonathan Haynes, Consultant Psychatrist, Bristol. i name & shame this so called Expert. This is one i never met or ever even spoken with, yet he writes a report on me and i have it by recorded post to my door!! You Doctor Haynes have to be either very Corrupt or supid or maybe need glasses when reading Medical notes. Well i expect you got paid well!!!

  • Melanie says:

    Doctor Humphries, Harley Therapy, London. i name and shame you as a private Psychiatrist who i came to see and took £700.00 cash from me and then you were contacted by The Case and still saw me another time and was taking my money. Yet behind my back then started working instead for The Case. i then request a refund and your making out you were never contacted and then your name in all over paperwork and it is clear you were acting Corrupt. Not only do i shame you for being Corrupt, but also for not giving me that £700.00 refund and such abuse to a person with Mental Health Problems. Doctor Humphries who took £700.00 from me, saying he would help and then got so afraid when contacted and then was working against me and trying to help in adoption!! Then would’nt give a refund!! it is deception!!

    You are a Doctor that has no shame!!

  • Melanie says:

    Mark Langsworthly, Porter Dodson, Yeovil, somerset. i name & shame you for being a PROFESSION LOSSER and working for The L.A. Your Corruption was so clear in this Case and that is why i dropped you and then you said you would answer my complaint within 21 days and of course you never did!! The Solicitors letters you wrote to try and cover-up your Corruption were such rubbish!! As i started working everything out in February 2012 and started finding it all out, then it was so supid of you to still try and carry on such a farce in June 2012!! The best thing i ever done was in dropping your office and working for myself instead!!

  • Melanie says:

    Carol Garlick, Maltravers House, Yeovil, Somerset. i name & shame you for Corruption and all you do in trying to adopt Children. if you spend as much time on trying to help families as you do trying to destroy them and steal Children, then we would have a much better system!! You go on about no Buget and no Money to help, yet once in court and trying for adoption, you can go then and waste thousands and thousands. Yet so many Children are really getting abused in life and they don’t get taking in and the reason is because you are wasting so much time chasing around after Parents that have done nothing to their Child!!

  • Melanie says:

    Karen Reed, L.A Solicitor, country Hall, Taunton, Somerset. i name & shame you for acting Corrupt and trying to adopt for Targett!! You wasted far too much time and tax payers money in Corruption!!

  • anonymons says:

    I am very keen to get on this site and so have put some comment here a over a week ago. I am really hoping some will be showing soon.

  • NO JUSTICE IN NI says:


  • starfire says:

    Social Services want to start spending time on the real abuse Cases, instead of wasting so much time on a Case where a Child is not in any danger at all!! The Public would go mad knowing how much money has been wasted in a farce of a Case. Yet they never help Parents at all and will pay hundreds to a foster carer, but have been paying nothing to Family Member and all the money just went in Solicitors fees!! it’s terrible when money should be spend to help kids instead.

    it’s like they want to make it as hard as possible just out of spike for putting a Family Member forward and they were still doing all possible to adopt My Son and so they won’t pay Family Member a penny. This was also Corrupt, as at Final Hearing L.A said they had not look into paying a Special Guardianship allowance yet in front Judge Bromilow. They really had done it all and should have got that allowance. Family Member had a Corrupt Solicitor who was working for L.A and so never did fight at all for any allowance or help in anyway. She was a terrible Corrupt Solicitor. She told Family Member that she had to write a Statement that she wanted a Contact Order on both us as Parents and she did welcome a Supervision Order on herself. She told her that was the only way to make sure she got My Son and so out of fear she signed it, as she was so afraid she wouldn’t get him at Final Hearing. They held My Son over her like blackmail and so she went along with it all. My Son was so worried they would take him away again.

  • starfire says:

    I also name and shame The Foster Carer, Trish Cabell. She was paid over £400.00 per week and The Agent she worked for £975.00 per week. she lied and did all possible to help get my son adopted and keep him for as long as possible within this case. my son has told me now just how unhappy he was with her and that she shouting at him all the time and that he wanted to run away. I believe him, as it is in private paperwork how she was shouting at him and they were all covering up at the time. All of them done far wrost then my parenting ever done and I name and shame such terrible people who have done this to him. I was told it was foster care and then found out The Agent was for fostering and adopting and so adoption is really the plan from the start, but they don’t tell you until near the end when it’s almost too late. it’s just one big farce, corrupt set-up and they are all working together. such a evil lot to just steal children for nothing and no prove of anything.

  • starfire says:

    I have written to everyone first within My Case and be asking them for answers and to sort this all out. I was unwell on Final Hearing, so I wanted reasons why Sarah Ralph done this and Martin Davies My Solicitor. After almost 2 year’s of Corruption it was getting me down. Then more Corruption at Final Hearing. it is 6 Month’s since Case ended and now I am not waiting anymore and they are not just getting away with a mess and farce of a Case which was nothing either his Mother done or I did and just a Case made up in Corruption for adoption targets. I have given them every chance to sort this out and now i’m sick of waiting and so I am going to name and shame the lot of them for being Corrupt and all working together with the L.A and making thousands out of it all. Wrost of all torment and emotional abuse to My Child. They are all Child abusers and did more harm to him then anyone. They spend 2 year’s messing around keeping on and in that time real abuse was going on and Children suffering.

  • anonymous says:

    Martin Davies (Battens) Rebecca Marshall (Porter Dobson) i Name and Shame you as both being Legal aid, Professional Losers.

  • starfire says:

    Judge Bromilow is a Corrupt Judge and I was unwell on the day, but I have hear just hoe Corrupt The Final Hearing was and My Sons Mother manage to get prove of all this and also prove of Hearing in September and so it is clear how it was all Corrupt. Due to My Sons Mother having this prove, Judge Bromilow then put a Gagging Order on her, as she was just talking TRUTH. TRUTH is what they didn’t want to ever come out TRUTH that does prove of the whole system being CORRUPT!! I shame Judge Bromilow for going along with this Corruption and using your power in Corruption.

  • starfire says:

    Carol Garlick, Team Leader I shame for her lies and Corruption and spending so long wasting time and money on this Case trying to adopt My Son when so many other Children out there were really being abused and yet she never took them in Care in time!! She wasting so much time when all she ever needed to do was ask family and look into all family in the first place!! All she can go on about is getting her plan and her plan was always adoption just to meet her TARGETS!!!

  • starfire says:

    Dr. Banks, Psychologist within Case said I should see My Son every other Weekend and him stay all Weekend with me. He was paid thousands for his report. Then L.A didn’t like it and so he came down again and this time said I should only see My Son once every 6 Weeks and only for a couple of hours. He got paid thousands more and I was just the same as before, but it was clear he came back to change his mind before Final Hearing and he had written his report now on what L.A and Cafcass told him to write and they just use The Expert to write what they want in the end. I shame him for being Corrupt in the end and following like a sheep!!

  • starfire says:

    Dr. Lillywhite, Psychiatrist within My Case was useless and Corrupt and no way should he be writing reports on people he only meets once. He does make mistakes!!, but doesn’t answer to these mistakes. I was told he was leaving England just before the end of My Case!! I wonder why!!

  • starfire says:

    Linda Barnett, Director of Social Services is Corrupt.

  • starfire says:

    Dr. Fernando at Yeovil Hospital will lie and work to help L.A adopt Children when Parents have done nothing to that Child. I name and shame him for Corruption.

  • starfire says:

    Sarah Ralph (Cafcass) is so Corrupt and just will change reports around in Corruption all the time to cover herself. She never spoke a word at Final Hearing after wasting almost 2 year’s on Case and was useless in helping My Son in anyway. She said she would talk up for me in Final Hearing, but I was unwell on day and so My Solicitor, Martin Davies, Batten’s went for me and together they used Corruption and so I would have been better off without a Solicitor!!

    In a September Hearing, Sarah Ralph said My Family Member could have Special Guardianship and both his Mother and Myself work out Contact with Family Member. Then she wrote a report even, saying no Supervision Order and no Contact Order on me. Then I was unwell on day of Final Hearing and My Solicitor lied in Court, saying he had just rang me and I now changed my mind and would go along with having a Contact Order put on Myself. She then said that she was going to talk up for me, but as my Solicitor had now said I had changed my mind, then she had nothing to say. I ended up with a Contact Order and it was done by Sarah Ralph and My Solicitor in Corruption and My Solicitor was paid thousands of pounds by legal aid to do this to me. The Social Worker, Nicola Slavin is Corrupt, but Sarah Ralph (Cafcass) is Corrupt as well and for her to sit in Court and not stand for My Son and support him and family member, then I have to name and shame her for being so Corrupt.

  • starfire says:

    social worker, Nicola Slavin, Somerset. she is Corrupt and does emotion harm to Children by doing everything possible to adopt them and will lie and do whatever she can to try and get what she wants. she acts more like a Child in a playground, then she does a so called Professional. she has no idea at all how to deal with Children and she done a lot of emotional damage to My Son.

  • Tigger123 says:

    Judge Bromilow is a Corrupt Rubber Stamp Judge, using his power and working with Corrupt Social Worker. He does NOT give Parents a Fair Hearing.

  • Tigger123 says:

    Judge Bromilow is a Corrupt Rubber Stamp Judge, using his power and working with Corrupt Social Workers. He does does give Parents a Fair Hearing.

  • anonymous says:

    David Vautier Solicitor for Sarah Ralph (Gardian) is Corrupt and contacts everyone and will be behind most of the written Report which are so called written by Experts. i found he in the end will get them to write what he wants and as both Sarah Ralph and David Vautier are so easy taking in by what a very corrupt Social worker is telling them, then that is a worry. Sarah Ralph, as Guardian done really nothing at all with in this Case for The Child and never spoke up a word for him at the end of The Case.

  • anonymous says:

    Dr Banks, Psychologist will go along in the end with corruption and write what C.S.S want in his Reports and Letters to Court.

  • anonymous says:

    Dr Lillywhite, Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist is Corrupt and he will write corrupt Reports to help get children adopted. will make mistakes and cover himself with Corruption instead.

  • anonymous says:

    Edward Colgan, Chief Executive of Mental Health i shame you for being Corrupt and covering up, as it is Mental Health abuse.

  • anonymous says:

    Linda Barnet, Director of Social Services is so corrupt and nobody should ever deal with her, as she will pass you Child on adoption panel if you have ever upset her at anytime and she can’t be at all trusted.

  • anonymous says:

    Carol Garlick, Team Leader has many year’s of Corruption behind her and so never trust her.

  • anonymous says:

    Judge Bromilow is a Rubber Stamp Corrupt Judge, using his power and backing Corruptions by Social Workers and not giving a Fair Hearing.

  • anonymous says:

    Social Worker, Nicola Slavin is so Corrupt and don’t trust Sarah Ralph (Guardian).

  • robert campbell says:

    i would like to name and shame fife council social services, kirkcaldy,for trying to forcefully adopt my grand daughter Rebecca Campbell. the lies they have told in reports, and they are believed by people who should know better , what chance do ordinary people have against these lying bastards.

  • Halifax says:

    Name and shame nayer chishti, takes new born babies on faulse infomation and exaggerated claims…

  • pissed off parent says:

    I want to name and shame the brainless child stealing, quota meeting ,natzi ,social services in grimsby
    Brainless Brian Evans social worker ,has double standards , lies, threatens children and is a complete and utter tool
    Carla Thompson childrens gaurdian, a real live piece of shi* who does nothing to help anyone other than go along with the local authority for fear or lossing her well paid job !
    watch out for these ar*eholes they steal children and may they all rot in hell

  • Jay H says:


    Carol Wharton , Paul Lundy , Julie Petree , Jackie Watson , Tracy Taylor , Ken Hall .
    All social workers with one aim , to remove your children at the instruction of the local authority no matter what the cost , they will lie about you once they decide they want your children .
    These people can make a saint look like a Devil . They will con you into letting them take your child /children for a few day’s , but beware , in that time , they are applying for a court order to take them perminently . They will split siblings without blinking . I have lost 3 grand children to adoption and 2 to a abusive father that was supported by social worker’s .

  • paula whitehead says:


    • EDWARD COLEMAN says:


  • victim says:

    Social worker who goes by the name of “Andy Munroe” operating in the nottingham/derby area is guilty of illegal surveillance of innocent people. If this person enters your life pretending to be your friend then don’t trust him. He has a scouse accent and regularly wears an Everton FC football shirt. He also has a very red face from alcohol abuse.

  • Anon987 says:

    I’d like to name and shame TINA MCGIRR from Worcestershire social services she is nothing but an obnoxious lying twisted two faced evil piece of shit who has ruined everything. Also KATHY PENDAL who is Tina’s manager she is just as bad.

  • annonymous says:

    Tamara Mc Dowell, Carnmoney Social Services, Newtownabbey co Antrim. Makes up lies and writes them in reports for courts. Uses the threat of foster care to scare you into submission to do what they want. Uses bullying tactics. Leaves vunerable parents at risk by placing them in situations which are not safe for them, does not believe in domestic violence and sides with the abuser parents. Places kids in care of a parent who failed drugs tests. Likes to pull strings in the background. Ex mental health nurse and bases all her decisions on her previous career, and her decisions are usally not right.

  • anonymos says:

    Adam shepherd ,anders cruetzer,MARY PILLBEAM .of portsmouth social services

  • anonymos says:

    Adam shepherd o portsmouth local to much authority mary pillbeam and anders cruetzer an mary havens fukin evil child snatching liars and kate grimmer and emily skipper and debbie lawes of portsmouth have taken a happy six yr old gorgeous happy girl from loving parents because dad had a go at them for makin mum cry when pregnant and after if guns were legal id shoot the fukin lot of them

  • Sarah says:

    Cameron Hayhurst who lives in Burntisland, Fife, Scotland. For years physically, mentally and sexually abused his wife until he tried kill her with their then 1 year old son upstairs.
    He is a dangerous man because he is so charming all women should stay away from this man.

  • SW says:

    Robin Sturman-Coombs, Teodora Bot, Graham Jarvis.
    Please go to my web site at assumedauthority dot net (second entry) to read how Northants SS destroyed my family.
    Following a police incident with my teenage son, they came to ‘help’ him. Although he has never harmed anyone, they got him banged up in a medium-secure mental hospital where he has been for over a year. He was subsequently diagnosed with a minor autistic disorder, but is still held in hospital. The ss have blatantly lied saying that I am a political extremist even though I stood for election for the Green Party and i’m in no way extreme. They said i’m on class A drugs yet my wife and I have no vices whatsoever. We don’t even drink, smoke or gamble. They’ve said that both my wife and I are mentally unstable. The lies are too numerous to mention. The ss have said that my son shouldn’t be returned to our care until he’s eighteen. This is based on no evidence whatsoever except completely unfounded hearsay and baseless opinion which is presented as fact on ss files. I haven’t spoken to my son properly for a year because my calls are monitored and I refuse to have my son’s and my human rights breached like this. Fortunately, my son agrees with this action. Last year the ss lied that I sent my son an inappropriate book, yet the only books I sent were to help with his literature studies. All were books given to children in schools to read such as Shakespeare etc. In July 2012 I sent him a copy of ‘The King Of Kings Bible’ as he’s always shown an interest in philosophy. This book brings together the Bible, The Koran and the Jewish book which is obviously a positive thing yet again it was said I sent him an inappropriate book. I can only deduce by this that maybe satan is their god which would be no surprise as they uphold a satanic and psychopathically corrupt system.
    When the ss came to ‘help’ in March 2012 they noticed my wife was pregnant and then started harassing us over the baby. My wife nearly died in the last pregnancy due to a brain haemorrhage and had been advised to avoid stress yet we were persistently harassed. This threatened the unborn’s and my wife’s life yet no empathy or understanding was shown whatsoever.
    The harassment became so much and we feared they were after our baby for the profit making fostering and adoption business, so we fled to Ireland. They reported my wife missing to locate us and also harassed my parents, my eighteen year old daughter and my wife’s frail and elderly parents. They sent even more falsehoods to the Irish ss and came to Ireland to spread their lying filth regarding my family. Had any of it been true, we would have cooperated. (Their idea of cooperation is to submit to everything they say.) On top of the other lies they no claimed we had neglected the unborn baby because we missed a scan. Obviously scans are not compulsory and we missed it only because they had driven us to flee in fear for our child and my wife’s health.
    The Irish ss believed their lies and stole our son at birth. The Irish are not any better as they have extended some of the lies and committed perjury in court. We have now been fighting for a year to get our son back. It is very difficult to prove a lie to be incorrect. Unfortunately. I can’t tell the Irish story while it is in the court system. Please read my story at my website as mentioned. The UK social workers (and lying psychopathic scum in my opinion) involved are Robin Sturman-Coombs, Teodora Bot and Graham Jarvis.
    I wasted time making complaints about these bent ss workers. Perhaps I should forgive them as I know that their minds are twisted into corruption at social worker training, but these three are all experienced and must have an inkling of the social devastation of their work. I’ve had two ss workers say to me the they are just doing their job. Isn’t that what they said at Belsen concentration camp? Regarding the complaint, the supposedly ‘independent’ investigator (Steve Scrutton) was on first name terms with the ss workers involved.
    I worked with members of the public for ten years and I never heard a positive story about children’s services. I would advise to beware of any government social worker. SS is certainly the most appropriate term. So thanks Northants Council for destroying our family, losing us our house, our savings, banging our son up undeservedly in a mental hospital, ruining my daughters A levels and university chances, driving us away in fear and losing us our baby son who has been emotionally and psychologically abused by being ripped from his mum’s breast and passed through different foster carers. STURMAN-COOMBS,JARVIS, BOT – I sincerely hope you spend an eternity in hell where you belong.

  • john davids says:

    gareth smith and louise fullard robbing old people and fraud plus he a woman beater sad realy they live in bradley

  • ANONYMOUS says:


  • sheffield girl says:

    Carol sharpe meade house sheffield. Lying corrupt bastard!

  • sandy says:

    Craig schulz from balaklava bashes women and kids and even more, you know what i men, shame on you ,you should be locked up forever

  • Swansea says:

    Kathy Lewis from Swansea Social Services, has completely unrealistic ideas about raising children, she doesn’t have any of her own, is very naive and out of depth. She is very condescending and her advice is unhelpful, unsupportive and she is more interested in making you feel uncomfortable and inadequate than she is at offering any constructive advice or help.

    She is far too young to be offering advice or support to parents of older children as she is not much older, herself!

  • anon says:

    robert henderson, head of children services richmond

  • anon says:

    shona brown, croydon

  • anon says:

    henry smith
    richmond social services

  • anon says:

    Dawn Duwona Hyde

  • iain ashmore says:


  • sadi says:

    Vivian Silverio from Haringey Social Services

  • Truther says:


    Anna Jones
    Plymouth SS, specializes in slander,assumption,accusations and judgements with no evidence.
    Maybe should have been a lawyer instead but not enough up top.

    Also – the COUNTRY BUMPKIN aka Jeanette McGarry,does not care one jot about you or your children,does not listen and would make a great ornament for the mantelpiece.

    Why is it that 90% of them are female?

    • Guy says:

      What a load of tosh. Jeanette McGarry is a very caring person with a heart of gold. Clearly you have had a run in with SS and are trying to deflect this with abuse at those who are trying to build a better society. Stop bleeting on about it being other peoples faults and do something about your situation.

      What ever your gripe about society dont look to blame others who are trying to help. There are good and bad SS but keep things in context, JM is worth 100 or you moaning minnies.

  • reve says:

    vivian silverio lying social worker from haringey who emotionally abuse your children by telling that that their mother dont love them and that their mother is jealous of their foster placement. the worst part about vivian is that she ever stops to let anyone speak including the kids

  • with held says:

    Daslie campbell social worker and Jeremy Twigg practice manager bournemouth after making many mistakes with my case and the fact my children shouldnt be on the registar any way as it was my husband that was the bad parent and not me they cant even put the right letter in the right envelope and they sent me another families case notes and i am told if i show any one else i am in breach of data protection but they sent them to me and i am the one they are trying to make feel guilty

  • instantkarma2013 says:


  • Anonymous Justice says:

    Dispicable women*

  • Anonymous Justice says:

    Sonja Mooney – Social worker for Denbighshire County Council and also works for a mental health center called Hafod, Hafod is suppose to care and look out for the well being of it’s paitents or as they call them “service users”

    Hafod “cares” in it’s own little way /end sarcasm.

    Sonja Mooney as named above constantly lies, extremely disrespectful, has no moral compass and argues constantly with anyone who knows better than her.
    She is a disposable women who once said “I’ve only worked with old people with dementia or old people who’ve got mental health issues, so I don’t know how to help you.”
    She is the type of women or (thing) that if you said “The colour of the British flag is red, white and blue” she would say “No it’s not, it’s gold, silver and pink.”
    She “it” is a disgrace, she has major issues with anger and self control.

    She openly called me many names and bullied me to the point of being suicidal. Her behaviour towards me was stopped and she eventually got a formal warning.

    Be very careful of her and Hafod.

  • Rhonda Thomas says:

    lori beth bisby – expert witness to avoid during care proceedings. tells lies, will refuse to provide court with copies of the tests that she administers, I had her false diagnosis struck out because the court felt that she was “confused”. she is eager to please any local authority so she will lie in a bid to gain more business. the thing is on this occasion the local authority wasnt even looking for a false report, they just wanted a true picture and they appeared embarrassed when it was discovered she was a liar but of course it was too late for my baby girl :(

  • Jordan says:


    JACKIE JONES – white early 50s short grey hair. Smiles a lot and tries to be your best friend and at the same time lying to the courts to take your kid away. This woman is pure evil. She is highly protected in her department as she is their “preferred” child snatcher. When she took my daughter away she smiled to me and said “I told you I would”.

    ANNE JENKINS – white, late 40s, brown hair. Jackie Jones’s line manager. She will not have a bad word said about Jackie or any other social worker. Whenever I complained to Anne she would raise her voice and point her chubby finger at me and threaten me with losing my other kids if I didnt cooperate. I refused to be bullied and when I made a complaint about Jackie and Anne to the head of the department I was told by Anne and Jackie that I needed psychiatric help and that they would make sure I got sectioned.

    These two are the worst among an already bad batch of social workers.

  • Maddox says:


  • Truther says:

    Anna Jones from Plymouth Social services.
    These types of social workers leave uni ‘barely little more than children’ themselves lacking their own families or extensive family life experiences. They become team leaders after two years in the job by moving on. God help families in need of help.
    Truth needs no defense.

  • powaoi says:

    children were taken and put up for foced adoption by Elliot Davis and his co worker louise Clark in Bristol in Knowle why on the grounds that as I was someone who they didnt help as a youngster my kids are now being made to suffer as someone who was never given love cant give it

    on the grounds that because I was beaten as a child I must be doing the same thing and if im not which im not I will as they get older

    on the grounds I saved my daughters life when she was chokeing on something

    on the grounds my kids had 3 different sets of clothes there play clothes thier good clothes and there really good clothes

    on the grounds I would let them be kids and have a mud fight if thy wanted cos its fun

    on the grounds that my kids had proper cooked food every night and not junk

    on the grounds I used the naughty step and didnt smack them

    on the grounds we both got annoye by constantly being bothered by people who dont even have kids yet think they know best because they read it in a book

    And most importantly cos they are child snatching poatchers who never get it right and good people are being made to suffer when innocents who need them are being left to die such as baby p and the little boy from bristol given methodone by his parents to shut him up and yet decent people the ones who treat there kids right suffer because the kids are easier to place

    also Nathan May and Louise webster from the same place who seem to think it is compleatly appropiate to make discusting accusations about people and then dont worry about the fact that a it isnt true and be like most normal people the thought of it is sickening but B once someone has made the accusation in a normal estate it gets peoples hair up and has repercussions and thats if these people can get there heads out of there asses and get the information correct in the first place instead of assuming the person you are talking too are the person you think they are in the first place





  • sarah says:


  • michelle bryant says:

    oops wrong site do appologise

  • michelle bryant says:

    can i not get on this site anymore

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